The Pixel Tablet will become a major part of your Nest smart home

A frontal view of the new Google Pixel tablet.
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What you need to know

  • Google has showcased its new Pixel Tablet.
  • The Pixel Tablet comes paired with a Charging Speaker dock which provides an entirely different experience than when it's in your hands.
  • Without a specific date, Google stated the Pixel tablet will arrive in 2023.

During the Made By Google event, we were provided unique looks at the upcoming Pixel tablet.

Now that the event has concluded, Google formally announced its new Pixel Tablet, as highlighted in a new Ideas and Info post. The Pixel Tablet has been a highly-anticipated device, although there was some mystery to the device as we wondered just what the tablet could do and when it would release. While Google did share any specific dates for its tablet, we now know more about what we can expect sometime in 2023.

According to Google's fall presentation, the Pixel Tablet will feature its latest Tensor G2 SoC. This is the same chip that is powering the Pixel 7 series and will allow the tablet to take advantage of its advanced image processing and machine learning. This opens the door to many favorites from the Pixel line, including video calling, photo editing, and hands-free help from Google Assistant.

The new Pixel Tablet attaching to its Charging Speak dock.

(Image credit: Google)

While tablets have some uses ranging from watching videos comfortably on a larger screen, video calls, and multitasking while working, Google was interested in crafting something different. What the company found out is that tablets typically stay home, which is why the Pixel tablet will be paired with a Charging Speaker dock.

While the Pixel Tablet is magnetically docked, users can take advantage of the new experience that comes with this form. The tablet will feature around-the-clock hands-free helpfulness through Google Assistant and can function as a photo album helping you to relive those precious memories.

With this experience, users with a Pixel Tablet can alter their lights, set the home's temperature, lock the doors, or even check their doorbell right from their cozy chair. Essentially, the Pixel Tablet is turning into something like a successor to the Nest Hub Max.

Google is interested in making the Pixel Tablet a part of your life, a device that is connected to everything in your home and doesn't sit aside without much use.

The company also highlighted Material You, which lets users customize their Pixel Tablet completely by altering its color with a custom palette, and you can look through device color variants based on the background you've chosen.

A woman holding the Google Pixel Tablet

(Image credit: Google)

Google did not go into full detail about the Pixel Tablet, but said it would provide more information about the device around the time it becomes available next year.

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