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Amazon's October Prime Day deals event is here. And like all of Amazon's big deal events, fans of Kindles and other Amazon tablets will find significant discounts on all models, from the base Kindle (2022) to the ergonomic Oasis and massive Scribe.

Compared to most of the Prime Day tablet deals we've spotted, you can snag a Kindle or Fire HD tablet for significantly less. Below, we're mainly focused on Amazon's e-ink tablet deals, designed specifically to spare your eyes the strain of a bright LCD; but we've also thrown in one or two Fire HD deals, since you can get all of your Kindle e-books (plus video streaming) at a lower price than your typical Kindle.

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Amazon Kindle (2022): $100 $74.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle (2022): $100 $74.99 at Amazon

The baseline Kindle will surprise you. It has the same 300 pixels per inch as the most expensive Kindles, and its 16GB storage matches or beats most of the pricier models. Yes, it's not backlit or waterproof, and the 6-inch screen is the smallest. But it's the lightest in hand, and many people won't need a bunch of extras, just a petite slab to read thousands of books.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: $140 $94.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: $140 $94.99 at Amazon

The Paperwhite is a popular option for most e-reader fans because it perfects the budget-focused design of the Kindle (2022). For just $20 more, you get 0.8-inches of extra text space, 17 backlight LEDs for warm lighting instead of just 4, waterproofing for worst-case scenarios, and 10 weeks of battery life instead of just 6. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition: $190 $139.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition: $190 $139.99 at Amazon

What does "Signature" mean, you ask? It has 32GB of book storage instead of just 8GB, and those same 17 LEDs now auto-adjust to the lighting conditions of your room instead of making you go into the settings yourself. Plus, you don't have to pay extra to remove lockscreen ads, like you do on the Paperwhite. And it even supports wireless charging, if that matters to you more than USB-C.

Amazon Kindle Scribe: $340 $264.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Scribe: $340 $264.99 at Amazon

Most Kindles have limited uses beyond reading e-books. If you want to both read and write down notes and sketches, the Kindle Scribe is worth seriously considering. It's on the pricey side, but now that it's 22% off, it's cheaper than an Oasis and gives you space for more words per screen with large text enabled. It has the longest battery life (12 weeks), plus the most LEDs for full readability (35).  

Amazon Kindle Oasis: $250 $199.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Oasis: $250 $199.99 at Amazon

I personally own and love the Oasis, but I'll admit that most people don't need its page-turn buttons and its ability to auto-adjust the orientation when you turn it one way or the other. Honestly, my favorite aspect of the Oasis is how comfortable it is to hold, with one wider side for your palm to comfortably grip. As a negative to its lightweight design, it lasts 6 weeks, the same as the base Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Kids (2022): $120 $79.99 at Amazon
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids: $170 $109.99 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Kids (2022): $120 $79.99 at Amazon
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids:
$170 $109.99 at Amazon

Help foster a love of reading in your kids without giving them the app temptations and eye strain of a Fire HD tablet. Both Prime Day Kindle deals are solid; if you upgrade to the Paperwhite, you get a brighter backlit display that's slightly larger and auto-adjusts to the light, plus IPX8 water resistance. Both tablets come with a Kids+ subscription for free books, too.


Amazon Fire 7: $60 $39.99 at Amazon

No, this isn't a Kindle, but most Kindles have 6- or 7-inch displays, and this tablet is the only one with a similar size that's also somewhat compact at just 10oz (most Kindles are 7oz), while also much more affordable than your typical Kindle. You get a full app library beyond Kindle and Prime Video, making this more multifaceted if you can accept the fewer pixels per inch than your typical Kindle. 


When does the October Prime Day event begin?

Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days lasts 48 hours, starting at 3am EDT on October 10 and running through the end of October 11 on the West Coast. The sequel to Amazon's July deal window, the October Prime Day event lets you get an early start on holiday shopping or just lets you splurge for yourself on tech deals before having to worry about others

You'll most likely need a Prime account for various Lightning deals or deals of the day, so you may want to start your 30-day free trial now if you're going to do some serious deal hunting. But keep in mind that not every worthwhile deal will be on Amazon's site. Rivals like Best Buy and Walmart have launched their own deal events around this time to steal away Amazon's customers. 

Which Kindle should you buy?

Looking at the best Amazon Kindle e-readers, we generally recommend that you start with the Paperwhite: the sweet-spot tablet with its warm, bright, and waterproof display. It does better than the standard Kindle in these areas, but isn't as expensive as the lightweight, more ergonomic Oasis. 

The Paperwhite Signature Edition is nice, of course, but you can probably make do with less storage and without wireless charging; the real question is whether or not you care about adaptive lighting, or if you're fine sliding the brightness yourself in order to save $45 extra.

The Kindle Scribe is surprisingly tempting even if you don't need the stylus, because you get a 10.2-inch display instead of 6 or 7 inches; you can fit more text on screen, especially large text for the visually impaired, without having to constantly change the page. It's expensive, but Prime Day is the time to get one for a reasonable price.

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