T-Mobile's known for shaking up the wireless industry at least once a year, and on Wednesday, August 15, we'll learn about the company's latest plans for doing that once again.

The latest Un-Carrier Next event is currently titled as "Hold the Phone!" and will be livestreamed next Wednesday at 11:00 ET / 8:00 PT on T-Mobile's website. T-Mobile's promo video shows CEO John Legere locking up a box with "Decommissioned" labeled on the side as he walks it through a collection of other boxes that are titled as "Pain points", "Data limits", "Overages", etc.

After saying "No one's gonna miss this", we see Leger storing the box in his "Relics of the wireless industry" collection."

T-Mobile's take on TV is scheduled to launch at some point this year.

So yeah, the typical T-Mobile hype train.

While the video doesn't offer any hints as to what the Un-Carrier event will be centered around, the first thing that comes to mind is T-Mobile's internet-based TV streaming service. This was first announced last December when T-Mobile acquired Layer3 TV, and the last we heard of it was in January when Layer3's employees had officially started working under T-Mobile's umbrella.

T-Mobile previously mentioned that its service would be ready to launch in 2018, and seeing as how we're more than halfway through the year, now seems like the perfect time to finally get things rolling.

What are you hoping to see at next week's Un-Carrier Next?

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