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A leaked roadmap, obtained by TmoNews, seems to show that T-Mobile is set to launch a Galaxy S3 with LTE as soon as March 27th. The T999L (L for LTE, naturally) is set to launch on either March 27th or April 4th, but the on- and off-contract pricing is still under wraps. Other than the new LTE capabilities for T-Mobile's soon-to-launch network, we wouldn't expect many other changes to be made on the inside. If you're interested in seeing what a Galaxy S3 with LTE is like, we took a look at a U.K. model back in December.

Also on this roadmap is the Galaxy Exhibit, which we saw in leaked press images of earlier today. T-Mobile looks to be readying both a prepaid and postpaid launch of this device the same week as the Galaxy S3. Also notable is the BlackBerry Z10 -- which should have LTE -- and a Sonic LTE hotspot.

It looks like the last week of March could be a big launch of T-Mobile's LTE network and devices to run on it all at once. We'll be looking forward to it.

Source: TmoNews