Motorola Cliq

Remember that update for the Motorola Cliq that was being tested a week or so ago? It's now available for all to download. No, it's not an update to Android 2.1 or anything, but there are a slew of improvements, which we'll list after the break. In the and while you're reading, get to updating, m'kay? [Motorola] Thanks to everybody who sent this in.

  • Relocated “End Call” Button: The “End Call” key was relocated within the calling screen to reduce instances of unintentionally ending Active calls
  • Text Messaging: General improvements to text messaging - especially for longer message threads
  • Improved Battery Life: Enhanced battery performance
  • Improved Touch Screen Sensitivity: Improves the touch screen sensitivity and response of the device-including touch sensitivity for keys on or around the display borders
  • Improved Audio: Quality for Calls Enhances audio quality in certain scenarios in which users experienced issues
  • MOTOBLUR Set-Up Screen: Set-up wizard improved to make MOTOBLUR set-up for new users or those who have been prompted to re-enter information easier
  • Better Audio Routing: Repairs audio routing to prevent: spontaneous speakerphone activations during calls and the random occurrence of music playback through the earpiece instead of appropriate external speakers
  • Improved Caller Notification: Improves user interface performance-consistently notifying the user when a new call is coming in which reduces missed call notifications
  • Faster GPS Performance: Provides faster GPS performance for applications such as Google Maps, Geotagging of photos and other GPS functions
  • Support For Additional Windows Media Formats: Compatible with more media formats including .WMA and .WAV Windows media files
  • Bluetooth Improvements: Enables the user to listen to visual voicemail via Bluetooth and enables the Bluetooth car kit to sync to user's device therefore the car kit can display the names of incoming callers and download phone book contacts (calls can now be made from the car kit display and enables users to view the call history list from the car kit display)
  • SIM Card Management: Enables user to import, export or delete contacts individually or in groups
  • Additional Stability: Additional device stability reduces occurrence of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly
  • The Latest Versions of Google Applications: Updated Google Mobile Services application provides access to the latest Android 1.5 compatible versions of Google applications such as Maps, Talk, YouTube, Market, and more
  • Updated Quickoffice: Adds the ability to view documents in Microsoft® Office 2007 format

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