T-Mobile is always trying to mix things up. At its latest "Uncarrier" event at CES this week, the company borrowed from Bill Maher's bag of tricks by announcing a slew of "New Rules" for T-Mobile customers on the T-Mobile ONE plan.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that their new plan would include all monthly fees and taxes into the advertised price, so when you sign up for a plan at $70 for a single line (which is the base plan for T-Mobile ONE), your bill will read $70 every month. T-Mobile says that under the current industry practise, "customers end up handing over an extra $17.2 BILLION extra every year in monthly fees and added taxes". This new plan looks to help mitigate that by including all taxes and fees up-front in the advertised price, and they're hoping, as always, to lead the charge for the other carriers to follow suit.

Behind the PR speak: T-Mobile is really pushing for all customers to switch over to a T-Mobile ONE plan.

Other features included in the updated T-Mobile ONE plan include an option to receive up to a $10 credit when you use less than 2GB of data on a line. You still get unlimited data with the T-Mobile ONE plan, but T-Mobile seems to have determined that 2GB is what the average customer needs, so if you come in under that magic number on one or more of your lines, they'll kick back some cash in the form of a credit. T-Mobile has also guaranteed that they will never change the price of their plans once a contract has been signed, with customers holding the power to modify their pricing plan while under contract.

What's kind of hidden behind the PR speak here is that T-Mobile is really pushing for all customers to switch over to a T-Mobile ONE plan. They still offer single line and family plans with set amounts of 4G LTE data included, but it's pretty clear that they're pushing real hard to transition everyone over to their unlimited plan. They're also offering a "tax rebate" in the form of $150 for every line you switch over to T-Mobile ONE, up to four lines. If you're sick of dealing with hidden monthly fees and keeping track of your data usage, T-Mobile might just be speaking your language here.

T-Mobile also announced their preliminary results from the fourth quarter of 2016, which include 4.1 million net postpaid phone customers, the best results in the industry.

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