T-Mobile launches Enhanced Voice Services for clearer, more reliable calls

T-Mobile has announced the launch of Enhanced Voice Services (EVS), the moniker for what it calls a "true next-gen voice technology." Most wireless customers are only now getting a chance to check out the benefits of Voice over LTE (VoLTE), but T-Mobile claims that EVS pushes things further with improvements over VoLTE across the board.

In all, there are three main areas of improvements that T-Mobile customers can look forward to with EVS. From T-Mobile:

  • First, EVS improves voice call reliability in areas of weaker signal, which means the rare dropped call on LTE will happen even less frequently.
  • Second, EVS provides even higher-fidelity calls than the HD Voice we were the very first in the US to introduce back in 2013. EVS does this with a broader audio frequency range, which translates to richer, more realistic-sounding voice audio.
  • Third, EVS delivers all this more of the time and in more places. EVS works whether you're on Wi-Fi or the T-Mobile LTE network.

Perhaps the most interesting detail of all is that EVS should provide improved call clarity even if you're speaking to someone without an EVS-capable phone.

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For now, EVS is only available on the LG G5, along with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The G5 works with EVS out of the box, while the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge recently received a software update that enables the feature.

While the initial pool of compatible phones is limited, T-Mobile says it's hoping to enable the feature on seven phones by the end of the year.

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