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Stock up on smart plugs for under $10 with these Cyber Monday discounts

Kasa Smart Plug
Kasa Smart Plug (Image credit: Kasa)

One of the best things I ever did was smartify my home by placing smart plugs in just about every outlet. Now my lights turn on automatically when it gets dark out and I just have to talk to Alexa if I want to turn the lights off for a movie night. Best of all, I never have to get off my comfortable couch or stand from my kitchen table when in the middle of something because of this. I seriously recommend everyone invest in smart plugs since they usually don't take hubs or subscription to work.

Fortunately, this year some of the best Cyber Monday smart home deals revolve around smart plugs. In fact, three different brands are each selling for only $9.99. You can use these to power on your TV, fan, lamps, or just about anything else. Then use the included apps to set schedules or other settings. At this low price, smartifying your home is super easy. Plus, they make for great stocking stuffers.

The best smart plug deals of Cyber Monday

At this low price, it's very possible that these awesome smart plugs could sell out, so jump on these ridiculously cheap smart plugs while you can. Whether you're purchasing for yourself or giving them to someone else for the holidays, they'll make your life more convenient.

Rebecca Spear
Rebecca Spear

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