The RAVPower Filehub Plus N300 wireless travel router and media streamer is down to $32.99 on Amazon. Combine the $3 off on-page coupon with the code FILEHUB8 on Amazon to maximize the savings. The Filehub Plus usually sells for around $42, so you're saving a nice chunk off the regular price. Plus, we have never seen it drop this low directly.

Travel Router

RAVPower Filehub Plus N300 wireless travel router

Stack code with on-page discount. Connect the device to an Ethernet port. Then attach an SD card, USB drive, or hard drive. You'll be able to share the contents of said drive with up to five people wirelessly. Play the music or transfer the data.

$32.99 $42.00 $9 off

With coupon: FILEHUB8

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

So the Filehub Plus is a unique little device that lets you either create a wireless access to on-board storage or turn an Ethernet connection into a wireless access point. You can plug media into RAVPower's device and share that media with up to five other devices that can connect to the Filehub Plus via its own Wi-Fi. Or connect an Ethernet port to the Filehub Plus and extend that internet connection to the other devices.

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Use this gadget to transfer data between storage devices. You can connect SD cards, USB flash drives, and portable hard drives to the Filehub Plus and then transfer data from the Filehub Plus to your phone, tablet, or laptop. OR the other way around. Transfer photos and music off your phone to a hard drive. And do it all wirelessly. It's a great way to easily create a backup of all your stuff without a messy setup. If you are using a local device plugged into the Filehub Plus, you do not need an Ethernet connection for wireless streaming.

The Filehub Plus has its own app that can be downloaded to multiple tablets, phones, and other devices. Up to five devices can then use that app to access whatever is stored by the Filehub Plus. One really great way use this is on long road trips when you have multiple kids and members of the family that need to be distracted. They can all access the Filehub Plus from their respective devices and watch what they want.

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