Updated January 26, 2018: Just a day after we reported that the Prime Exclusive Moto G5 Plus had a security vulnerability that allowed its lock screen to be bypassed, the owner of the phone confirmed that this actually isn't the case. Instead, Smart Lock's on-body detection was turned on and allowing access to the phone. Carry on.

If you're in the market for an affordable unlocked phone, Amazon's Prime Exclusive phones are worth checking out. Devices offered include the likes of the Moto X4, LG G6, and Nokia 6, and you can get them at pretty steep discounts as a result of ads that Amazon places on their lock screens.

Unfortunately, it would appear that these ads have created a security flaw on at least some phones. One owner of the Moto G5 Plus recently took to Twitter to show that, even though their phone is locked with the G5 Plus's fingerprint sensor, taping the "view ad" button the lock screen bypasses the lock screen and opens the web browser. From here, tapping the home or back button will take you to the home screen.

Although Amazon has yet to comment on what's taking place here, it would appear that the issue stems from Moto Display. This feature needs to be turned on in order for the flaw to work, and according to some users, the phone will remain locked as it should if you wait 30 seconds or more after it was last unlocked.

The Moto G5 Plus is the only Prime Exclusive phone that's been reported to have this issue so far, and it's worth mentioning that not everyone who owns the phone has been able to replicate the issue. It's a bugger for sure and I'd like to see Amazon get a solution pushed out soon, but I wouldn't consider it a reason to not buy the G5 Plus if you were thinking about doing so.

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