Score $120 in Anker charging gear for $60 thanks to this bundle deal

If you want a top-of-the line power bank with a huge capacity and tons of ports, you typically have to pay a hefty price. Today, however, you can pick one up without spending a boatload of cash. Amazon is offering this Anker PowerCore+ 19000mAh Power Bank Bundle for $59.99. That's half-off the normal $120 price tag, as well as $10 lower than we've seen the bundle drop before. Now is the best opportunity yet to score all of this tech at a great price. Shipping is free, too, and so far customer reviews are positive.

This bundle includes products that would typically run you $120. Pay half that cost today to get a power bank that doubles as a data hub, a wall charger, and a USB-C cable backed by both great reviews and an 18-month warranty.

The PowerCore+ 19000 portable charger can fully replenish modern smartphones up to six times before needing to be topped off. It also has enough capacity to fully charge a MacBook Pro. Basically, there's tons of power packed into this handy device. It uses Power Delivery to deliver full-speed charging at up to 27W depending on your device. There are three high-speed ports for simulatneous charging too.

Even sweeter, this power bank can be used as a data hub. Switch it to Hub Mode to sync data, connect accessories like flash drives, and more. That's a super unique feature for a power bank, and it also means you can pare down the amount of cords, cables, dongles, adapters, and other nonsense on your desk. The PowerCore+ is an elegant way to travel with all of your tech without sacrificing your options.

Your purchase also includes a 30W wall adapter, which would typically cost you at least $20 on its own. Despite the power bank's massive capacity, the included wall adapter can top off your power bank from dead to full in just over three hours. That's insanely speedy compared to what you'd get using a slower wall charger. Traveling for work? This power bank can top off every battery you own, and if you plug it in while you're out to dinner, it should be at least half full by the time you're done. Your carry-on just got a whole lot lighter.

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Louryn Strampe

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