The Lutron Caseta 2-count lighting switch starter kit is down to $119.95 at Home Depot. That price is $60 off what this kit normally goes for. This is a Special Buy of the Day, which is Home Depot's daily deal desgination, and that means the savings end when the day does.

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Lutron Caseta 2-count lighting switch starter kit

The kit includes two Caseta smart light switches and the smart bridge. Easy to install and easy to use. Plus, easy to add more switches later. Lutron Caseta is one of the more developed lighting ecosystems around. Can add voice control.

$119.95 $165.00 $45 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The starter kit comes with the Caseta smart bridge and two smart switches. The bridge is the hub for all your Lutron devices, and once you've set up this starter kit and decided you like Lutron you can add a bunch more to the bridge so they're all united in one spot. Once you've connected the switches to the hub, you can then add the hub to your smart home ecosystem (Amazon, Google, Apple), and control it with your voice. Lutron has been getting more and more advanced, too, so you'll find tons of other switches and such you can add to this system. Lucky for you, Home Depot's deal of the day actually features a whole bunch of other Lutron bundles you can choose from. Save as much as 20 to 25% on these smart lighting fixtures and outfit your entire home.

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The kit is easy to set up, and once you do you can use the free Lutron app to control them from anywhere. They can also be tuned to automatically adjust to the seasons so you always come back to a well-lit home. The Smart Away feature helps make it look like someone is still home when you're traveling. Basically, with all the smarts in the actual switch you can control the lights however you see fit, including using your voice, the app, or the wall's physical buttons.

You can install these switches easily in up to 15 minutes. Replace your existing switches and get started super fast. The switches do require a neutral wire. The smart bridge does not use Wi-Fi, which is important for keeping your Wi-Fi fast and free.

The kit does not include wall plates, so you'll want to find some with the right color for your decor.

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