Smart bulbs are a wonderful way to dip your toe into the world of smart home technology without ripping out walls and spending a small fortune. The folks at LIFX already make some of the very best smart bulbs around, and now they're better than ever — because they're cheap!

This Cyber Monday, LIFX bulbs are the bulbs to check out with the potential to save as much as 40% being offered. Whether you're looking to get your hands on some super-bright bulbs or need something more subdued, all of these bulbs come in more colors than you will know what to do with — and some can even be used outside!

Light your room up with these bargain smart bulbs!

Lifx Color bulb

LIFX Color 800 Lumen A19 Bulb 2-pack | $20 off

Two bulbs in a single pack that you can collect in-store without having to get delivered? That's just the start of what makes these bulbs so compelling. Each bulb is designed to last up to 25,000 hours and features more colors than you'll never know what to do with.

$44.99 at Best Buy
Lifx Color bulb

LIFX Color A19 1100 Lumens Bulb | 30% off

Packing a super-bright 1100 lumens but also dimmable using your voice or your iPhone, these bulbs pack 550 billion different colors — all in a single bulb.

$34.98 at Amazon
Lifx Color bulb

LIFX Color 1100 Lumen BR30 E26 Bulb | 30% off

These bulbs can be used indoors and outdoors, thanks to their IP65 weatherproof rating — a great addition to any patio or outdoor area that needs a little more light of an evening.

$34.98 at Amazon
Lifx Clean bulb

LIFX Clean A19 1100 Lumen Bulb | 40% off

Not content with lighting your home up, these stunning bulbs also help to keep it safe, too. Using the magic of High Energy Visible LEDs, these bulbs will keep everything clean while brightening up any room.

$41.98 at Amazon
Lifx Color bulb

LIFX Color 800 Lumen A19 Bulb | 40% off

Looking for a smart bulb with a little less oomph? This 800-lumen LIFX Color bulb offers the same smarts but without the same eye-scorching brightness.

$20.98 at Amazon

All of these bulbs can be controlled using your voice via your smart assistant of choice, and setting them up is a breeze. You'll have all of your rooms lit up at the touch of a button before you know it.

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