Save $130 and get a free XBoom Bluetooth speaker with LG's 55-inch 4K OLED Smart TV

Lg 65 Cx 9a1c
Lg 65 Cx 9a1c

LG has an interesting promotion going on right now at Amazon. You can get one of LG's amazing OLED TVs and get a free XBoom speaker to go with it. There's also a direct discount on several versions of the CX Series TV, so you get a lot of savings here. For example, the LG OLED55CXPUA CX Series 55-inch 4K OLED Smart TV is down to a price of $1,349.99 on Amazon. That's $130 off its regular cost of $1,480 and the second lowest price we've ever seen for this TV. If you include the value of the XBoom speaker, it's the best deal yet.

The speaker you get is LG's XBoom Go PL5 Bluetooth speaker, and that's going for around $90 on Amazon at the moment. Add that value to whatever you're already saving on the TV itself. These are fantastic speakers, too, so it's a quality item.

Deal works with larger TVs, too. The CX series includes an advanced processor for 4K upscaling, LG's webOS smart platform that can access all of your favorite content and streaming platforms, features like G-Sync just for gamers, and more.

You can keep the promo and the direct savings going even on larger screens. Upgrade to the 77-inch OLED TV if you want. It's on sale for $3,049.99, which is $200 off its regular price and $200 better than any price we've seen before. Plus, you still get the free speaker.

The CX Series uses LG's OLED panels, which offer some of the best image quality around. If what you really care about is the detail and the color of the show or movie you're watching, you will get the best possible version of that with this TV. OLED TVs have the deepest blacks and the widest color gamut. It also has improved image quality through its support of HDR content with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG.

Use the LG webOS smart platform to stream all your favorite content. Access tons of apps, movies, and TV shows. You can even use the included Magic Remote to search that content with your voice.

The TV includes a smart processor that can upscale content that's not quite in 4K. It will give you the best audio and video possible. It can even learn what you prefer and get better over time. If you play video games on your new TV, you can enjoy features like FreeSync and G-Sync that help reduce screen tearing along with high refresh rates.

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