Samsung's The Frame 4K TV is a work of art on sale from $760 today only

Samsung Frame 2019 Hero
Samsung Frame 2019 Hero

TVs all kind of look the same these days, and not in a good way. They add a lot of visual clutter to a room, particularly when not in use, and with some of the sizes they come in these days, they really dominate the room they are in. That's a problem Samsung set out to solve with its The Frame. Instead of being a blank black slab, it's a 4K UHD TV set that, when not in use, transforms itself into a work of art and today only Woot has select factory reconditioned models on sale starting at $759.99.

Though these TVs aren't brand new, they've each been inspected directly by Samsung to ensure they're in like new condition and properly working. Samsung even includes a 90-day warranty with the purchase. Log in with an Amazon Prime membership for free shipping, or start a free 30-day trial.

The motion sensor triggers when you walk into the room and displays your favorite art selections until you decide to use it. Uses Samsung Quantum Dots for a realistic picture. Customize the frame. Use included No Gap wall mount. Supports HDR too.

The unique feature of this set is its Art Mode. When you aren't using the TV, it basically becomes the frame of a work of art (hence the name). You can choose your favorite art, even buy some of the ones available to support local artists with the Samsung Art Store that has an entire library of content to pick from. Customize what is and isn't shown, too. The TV has a built-in motion sensor that detects you entering the room and begins to display the pieces you've selected. That way it serves a purpose even if you're not planning to watch any shows.

Since the screen is designed to look like a painting, it makes sense that the TV comes with a No Gap Wall Mount as well. Hang the TV so when it's displaying art it just looks like another painting hung on your wall. You can even adjust the color of the frame and make it black, white, beige, or walnut.

The TV itself is no slouch either. It has 4K resolutions and support for HDR content. It can also upscale HD content to 4K and provides insane image quality. Use Samsung's built-in smart platform to access streaming content, including all your favorite shows, movies, and games. There's a Motion Rate of 240 so the image stays clear even when things are moving quickly.

The Frame includes two speakers with two woofers, four HDMI inputs for connecting external devices or connecting to a home theater, and three USB inputs for everything from bias lighting to digital cameras.

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