Samsung updates Look SDK with Edge UX for Galaxy S6 edge

Previously the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was the only device supported by Look SDK which allows information such as stocks, sports scores, etc. to be displayed on the curved portion only. With the announcement of the Galaxy S6 edge which offers the same type of functionality that developers will want to take advantage of, it is great to see Samsung bring this out as soon as possible.

For this visual experience users simply need to swipe the edge screen in both directions to wake up the curved part only which will then display the aforementioned simple information, this eliminates the need to wake up the entire display, developers are recommended to use black GUI because the information stream will only work when the entire screen is off.

Samsung has put the tools in the hands of developers so they can utilize the new functionality, so now we wait to see just how creative developers can get with this space.

Source: Samsung Developers via; SamMobile

Jared DiPane
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