Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is reportedly looking into adding a pressure-sensitive display to its next line of smartphones. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the company will add not only the improved display tech, but also a fast charging capable USB Type-C port and retina scanner. It's believed these improvements will be included in the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which is expected to be the S7.

While details on the pressure-sensitive display weren't included in the report, one could expect similar functionality to what Apple introduced in the iPhone 6s. The display on the next Samsung smartphone would be able to interpret multiple levels of force used to press on-screen to achieve different results (much like the equivalent of a right-click on your PC mouse).

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The Wall Street Journal report also noted that the non-curved Galaxy S7 could launch with support for storage expansion through an SD slot. We'll have to hold out until more details surface or Samsung officially announce the next wave of smartphones.

Source: Wall Street Journal