Samsung teases 'noteworthy S series device' for February Galaxy Unpacked

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra housing
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra housing (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung is preparing for a Galaxy Unpacked event in February.
  • The company teases improved nighttime photography and AI improvements.
  • Samsung also teases experiences "that can't be found elsewhere."

Last year, many felt the absence of the Galaxy Note series as Samsung introduced optional S Pen accessories for its best Android phones. However, the company is teasing a comeback of sorts at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked which is scheduled for February 2022. It's here where we can expect Samsung to launch the flagship Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung's president & head of MX Business, Dr. TM Roh, teases in a blog post (opens in new tab) some of the things we can expect from the launch. He starts by reminiscing about the legacy of the Galaxy Note series, which launched in 2011, beginning the trend of ever-growing displays.

"The S Pen also surprised everyone," he writes. "It empowered people to bridge creativity with productivity – whenever inspiration struck, they could quickly write down their ideas and thoughts in Samsung Notes."

He then goes on to sympathize with fans that hoped for a Galaxy Note 20 successor last year, saying that "we haven't forgotten about these experiences you love."

While remaining coy about the details, Roh says that Samsung will introduce "the most noteworthy S series device" at Galaxy Unpacked in February. This new device will include low-light photography while providing speed and power "that can't be found elsewhere." Roh also teases improvements in AI, referring to "the smartest Galaxy experience yet."

That sounds like a pretty bold claim, although it could likely refer to the recently announced Exynos 2200 chipset, which comes paired with an AMD RDNA 2-based Xclipse GPU. It also features a new dual-core NPU for enhanced mobile photography, which could give it a leg up over its biggest rival chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Exynos 2200

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

Of course, with all the talk about the Galaxy Note and the S-series, we should expect the S Pen-touting Galaxy S22 Ultra to be announced as the successor to the Note series. Roh even signs off by saying, "get ready for the Ultra experience," suggesting that we'll see the return of the Note in all but the name.

That said, we've explained why it would make sense to merge the Galaxy Note and S series smartphones, and it looks like it's finally set in stone.

For those of you that already set on buying Samsung's upcoming flagships, the company is opening up its Reserve Now offers on its website on Friday, January 21 at 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT. Those that reserve the elusive new smartphones early will receive perks like $50 of Samsung credit that they can use during preorder, plus more offers when preorders open. Plus, they'll be among the first to receive the new smartphones.

Samsung did not specify which day Unpacked would occur, but rumors have indicated that it would take place in early February, possibly on the 8th. Hopefully, we will learn more as the date nears

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  • Im getting one!
  • Had me very confused with the typo in the main headline. Thinking what a terrible name the "Noteworth S" would be.
  • I am looking forward to buy the new device!
  • The phone I want is the new S21 FE. I'm even considering going the carrier route to get it although I've said I'd never do that again.
  • For the first time in years, I'm actually not champing at the bit to replace my Note 20 Ultra. The fact that I have to cut my on-device storage by 50% is an instant non-starter, I'm getting a bit tired of curved screens (only because I'm tired of specialty screen protectors), and other S22U improvements are marginal. Unless it blows everything out of the water, I'll be waiting for the Fold 4.
  • I hear you. Other than the 120 hz display and the cameras, there hasn't been anything that has enticed me from upgrading from my Note 10+ yet. These phones are great, don't get me wrong, but it seems that every smartphone generation down the pike, we as consumers lose features that keep me glued to what I have.
  • How long has it been since you've tried going without a screen protector? Unless you're around a lot of sand, or can't avoid reguarly putting other things in the pocket you put your phone in, you could go years without creating a visible scratch on a GG 6 or GG Victus screen.
  • I obsess over the tiniest flaws. If I got even a microscratch on my screen, I'd have to get rid of the phone. Yes, I'm crazy like that. So, to answer your question: my Evo 4G. 😬
  • Nice to see that there are no fake posts about the "greatness" of the Pixel 6 here yet. I wonder if Google got scared from that lawsuit in Texas?
  • I had an S21 Ultra until recently, but traded it in... but I regret doing so. Unfortunately, I really don't like the boxy design of the S22 Ultra (and S20 Note). I preferred the rounded edges of the S21U ... so now, do I wait for the S22U and ignore the design? Or try and pick up an S21 Ultra somewhere...