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Samsung Galaxy Portal AKA The Former Galaxy Spica Available For T-Mobile UK

It looks like what we once knew as the Samsung Galaxy Spica will actually be released as the Samsung Galaxy Portal in the UK. T-Mobile UK will be the lucky ones to carry this middling Android device and per usual in the UK, it's available for FREE with certain rate plans. The Galaxy Portal packs a 800 MHz processor which we're going to assume is like the Moment's, a 3.2 inch 320x480 capacitive touchscreen, and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

We played with the Samsung Galaxy Portal (Spica) some at CES but since we've heard about the Galaxy 2, the Spica has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle. Kind of similar to what happened with the original Galaxy. In fact, doesn't it feel like all Samsung Android phones disappear here in the States? Maybe Samsung should re-evaluate their US Android strategy because they're clearly trailing HTC and Motorola.

[t-mobile uk via engadgetmobile]

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  • Hi, I have this phone and it is locked due to the locking pattern and now I can't unlock it, tried diong everything. Said to enter gmail account done that and said invaild. I really need help