Samsung Fascinate launch bugs listed

Every smartphone launches with bugs. But we usually have to find them ourselves (see our monster thread on the Epic 4G). Not so with the Verizon Fascinate, which has had its launch bugs leaked out for all to see. A good chunk of them are small nitpicks, but others -- don't press the search button while you're on a call! -- are pretty big. And still others are amusing -- you can't download an OTA update over Wifi, but a future OTA update will fix that. Check out the full list at the source link, as well as what we're finding on our own in our Fascinate forums. [BGR via Android Central Forums]

  • Mama mia, thatsa big lista. Seems like mostly minor stuff though. Get the GPS fixed and I would jump onboard.
  • Just WOW. How long does it take to fix them all? anyway, is it possible?
  • The app dock is so dark it makes the screen look smaller. SMH Verizon
  • that is touchwiz UI by Samsung. You can turn it off if you want.
  • Holy crap. Well, most are minor, but still, the majority are minor-but-very-irritating, while only a few are minor-but-not-a-big-deal. I know the GPS is a huge issue for 90% of every single Galaxy S phone (although I haven't heard if it is for the international version for Korea; is it, too?).
    Samsung has released 4 phones: Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate, and Epic...all 4 have GPS issues. Obviously something they're doing isn't right. Where is this fix they talked about? From all I hear about Samsung, they always release phones and then never, EVER support them. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it seems that it may be true... :(
    Plus, when they released the Captivate they found out they have GPS problems. Why didn't they figure out the problem and fix it before releasing all the other phones for the other carriers? I think customers would've understood if they said, "Hey, we found a problem with the phone and are fixing it right now, so the release date is pushed back 1 or 2 months". All of this is why I haven't bought the Captivate yet (AT&T happens to be my carrier, and needs more Android devices). Quite frankly, I'm scared to buy Samsung phones right now. I'm waiting for a better Android device on AT&T from a different manufacturer. I just hope it will be soon. My upgrade has been waiting forever now!
  • The ongoing theory from people who know GPS on phones and have done a lot of testing on Epic, is that in the case of the Epic, there are a couple of problems. From my extensive testing with sever la GPS diagnostic programs, the main problem seems software based and is almost certainly failure to flush out old data, specifically ephemeris, from the cache. The reason for that conclusion is that the symptoms of that problem are the device seeing sufficient satellites, even up to 9 or ten, and intermittently failing to lock any and thereby failing to get a position. A reset of the phone in this situation almost always results in a near instant GPS lock. The second problem is less solvable but not severe, and that a generalized weakness in Galaxy GPS hardware. One can see this with lower GPS Signal to noise readings on Epic and Galaxy vs other current speakerphones tested in the same position. It is an objective and testable. The SNR of the Epic is sufficient, but this minor weakness means slightly less accuracy, slightly longer times to lock and a failure to lock under nominal situations (clouds, indoors under light construction roofs, near buildings) where other smart-phones maybe able to lock. This condition most likely cannot be fixed. (indeed the Epics cache persistence problem maybe an attempt by Samsung to compensate for the general Galaxy poor GPS reception -- making Epic owners beta testers for an attempted fix the exit ant Galaxy GPS problems) Third is an internittenat failure to provide with wireless networks (which is non GPS location) under some circumstances and that is somethign that right now we don't have a theory as to cause. Fourth is a near trivial problem with accuracy reported to applications being wrong, specifically because of cerian accuracies, such as 98', being incorrectly hard coded in the API, when they should be calculated.
    Again, the problems are:
    1) Intermittent GPS failure to lock caused by incorrect data in cache. Circumstances of occurance are usually 4 to 8 hours after prior lock without a power cycle. Workaround by users: cycle the phone if you cannot get a GPS lock in one minute outside.
    2) Sufficient but poor GPS signal to noise, indicating substandard hardware (antenna attenuation) RF performance on Epic
    3) Intermittent faliure to find or report non GPS wireless data location (twor triangulation /or AFLT) to applications
    4) 98'/30meters hardocred incorrectly in accuracy reporting. Sprint has the GPS problem as their number two issue on Epic (atrocious 3G speeds, especially upload are the nubmer one bug).
  • I bought this phone last Friday. Fascinate is amazing. Bing can be replaced with the update provided by Froyo. Not that this is a big problem now, you can always download Google Maps on the Android Market. Was covered with tons of other tests. The phone is nearly as thin as the iPhone of 4, very fast, big screen, gave incredible, very customizable, call quality is great.
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