Roborock smart robot vacuums are on sale discounted by 25% at Amazon today only

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum
Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum (Image credit: Roborock)

Keeping your home clean is a lot of work — especially if you're in need of good help. Roborock's smart robot vacuum cleaners were designed to give you the extra help you need and make it easy to ensure your floors are always clean when you come home from work for the day.

Luckily, Amazon is having a one-day sale on two models of Roborock vacuum cleaners with prices starting as low as $194.99. Both of the options on sale today offer smart functionality so you can control them with your phone, or your voice, though one of the models does have quite an edge over the other.

Two of Roborock's smart robot vacuum cleaners are now on sale with prices discounted by 25% at Amazon for just one day only, including the E4 and the S5 which features an integrated mop.

The Roborock S5, on sale for $359.99, can be controlled using an app on your smartphone and uses smart navigation to map your house, plan routes, and work on a schedule. As long as there are no barriers higher than two centimeters, it can cross over them, clean, and self-recharge. The device is smart enough to avoid falling down the stairs, scratching up your house, and getting stuck. It features 2000Pa strong suction and can switch between several different modes including Carpet, Quiet, Mopping, Balanced, and Turbo & Max.

While the two models on sale today share a lot of the same functionality, one of the biggest differences between the Roborock S5 and the E4 is the S5's built-in mop. Depending on the floors in your home, that could be entirely unnecessary anyway. Another big difference is cost, with the S5 on sale today for $359.99 at one of the best prices it's ever reached, while the E4 is sitting just under $200 at $194.99.

The Mi Home app lets you control all of the more advanced functions of your vacuum, including setting no-go zones, scheduling, spot cleaning, and more. You can also pair it with Amazon Alexa for voice control using a device like the Echo Dot. These vacuums are backed up with a one-year warranty.

Since the total will be over $25, your purchase ships for free, though you could receive your order even faster with an Amazon Prime membership. Now that you've made the decision to add a few smart home products like a Roborock smart vacuum cleaner to your home, this guide to the best smart home products under $100 might come in handy.

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