One of the more useful accessories for a smartphone is a sync and charge cable, and one of the better ones I've used is the Seidio Retractable S&C Cable for the T-Mobile G1 available here in the Android Central Store for $12.95. Read on after the jump for the complete review!


The Seidio Retractable S&C Cable has a solid, sturdy plastic housing with the "Seidio" logo on one side. At one end of the retractable ribbon cable is a standard USB connector and on the other end is a mini-USB connector for your T-Mobile G1 phone.

When coiled up, this sync and charge cable is only 4.5 inches long, making it easy to carry in a bag without entangling with anything. This is a huge plus for me due to the fact I'm a gadget freak and carry at least a couple sync and charge cables with me for various devices. The Seidio Retractable cable takes up very little space and I never have to worry about untangling the cable before use.

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Once fully extended, the cable provides two feet of length from end to end. Just plug the USB connector into your laptop or desktop and the other end into your G1, and you're ready to sync and charge.


The design of the Seidio Retractable S&C Cable make it very usable for syncing and charging your G1. When extending the cable for use, just hold one of the connectors in each hand and pull them apart at the same time. You can extend the cable to the desired length, all the way up to the full two feet if you wish. When you are finished with the cable, just grab each end and pull both ends apart at the same time just enough to activate the spring in the housing, resulting in both ends winding up in the middle for easy storage.


When in use with your G1 Android phone, you can charge from your desktop, laptop, or Seidio USB wall charger. This cable is very handy for the traveler or if you just want to make sure you have a means of charging at any time, whether at home or work.


Given it's usefulness, compact design, and syncing/charging capability, I highly recommend the Seidio Retractable S&C Cable for your T-Mobile G1. It's small enough to throw in your pocket, backpack or case, and it easily extends to a reasonable length for easy use in syncing and charging. It then retracts easily for storage. If you want to reduce the frustration of tangled cables and have a means of syncing and charging your G1 that fits neatly in your pocket or bag, then head over to the Android Central Store and pick up the Seidio Retractable S&C Cable for $12.95 right here.

Android Central Rating: 5/5