The new movie Frozen II releases Nov. 22, but before you learn a whole new set of highly-addicting songs that will consume your household for years to come, read a book! This book bundle from Walmart includes a book featuring the characters from Frozen II and a Google Home Mini smart speaker, and it's on sale for $25. The book goes for $5 by itself in most places including Amazon. The Google Home Mini can be found for $25 everywhere, but normally sells for up to $50. So you're basically getting the book for free here. You can choose between Chalk and Aqua for the color of the speaker.

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Google Home Mini smart speaker and Frozen 2 book

You get the Google Home Mini smart speaker and a copy of the Little Golden Book Frozen II. Plus, Google Assistant can read the book with you, playing music and sound effects along the way. Choose from Chalk or Aqua.

$25.00 $30.00 $5 off

The deal is more than just two unlike items combined together. Since the Home Mini can access Google Assistant, you can say "Ok Google, let's read along with Frozen II." The smart speaker will then engage in the activity with you. It plays music and sound effects while you move through the book, helping to improve the reading experience.

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After you're done with Frozen II you can look up other Little Golden Books that work with this feature. The selection includes popular titles like Alice in Wonderland, Coco, Mickey Mouse and his Spaceship, Toy Story 3, Moana, Aladdin, and more. There's a lot of Disney in there, and it even includes the original Frozen. This is a sure-fire way to keep your children interested in reading and teach them how to use the kid-friendly features on smart speakers.

Of course the Google Home Mini does so much more than just read to kids. You can use it to learn about the news and the weather, control your smart home, set alarms and schedules, and more. With more Google speakers, you'll even be able to set up a network throughout your home so you can listen to music, search Google, and do whatever else these speakers are capable of from anywhere.

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