Senior product executive leaves Motorola

Punit Soni, Motorola's VP of Product Management, has departed the company. He announced his departure on Google+, saying that the first time he visited Motorola's old suburban Chicago campus, he was struck by "this sense of awe at being in a company whose invention, the cell phone, would forever change the world."

Today I am announcing my departure from Motorola after a couple of amazing years in the best job I have ever had.

I have had the fortune of working with an amazing Product team under the leadership of Rick Osterloh, someone who taught me more about being a leader than anyone ever has. Also special gratitude to Vic Gundotra, Bradley Horowitz, Jonathan Rosenberg, Dennis Woodside, and Lior Ron for their support and for pointing me in the right direction. This gig was not possible without them. To my Software PM team who I love, stay true to the mission. And to Motorolans, you are truly the best mobile team in the world. It is reflected in the quality of your products.

And finally, thanks to you, the users who embraced our work and personally supported me. Most of our software was the result of the direct dialogue we had with each other. Thanks for your patience and support.

Soni has been rather much the public face of Motorola's software efforts, particularly when it comes to being forthright and interacting with the public on Google+. He hasn't stated where he's going from here, though we're sure it won't be too long before we find out.

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Motorola is itself in transition, and that transition has spurred several executive departures over the past several months, including that of former CEO Dennis Woodside. After being purchased by Google in 2012 for $13 billion, the company is now in the process of being sold to Lenovo for $3 billion.

Source: +PunitSoni