The Anker PowerExtend Power Delivery USB-C power strip surge protector drops to $49.99 when you clip that $20 off on-page coupon. That's a huge discount from an on-page coupon, so you're saving a nice chunk of change here. The surge protector normally sells for $70, and it doesn't drop from that price directly. This is one of the best deals we've ever seen for the power strip.

Plug and Protect

Anker PowerExtend Power Delivery USB-C power strip surge protector

Includes a 45W USB-C port with Power Delivery and two USB-A ports. Get a full charge on a 12-inch MacBook in just two hours. The reverse side has 3 AC outlets, providing clutter-free access to the entire strip. Covered by 18-month warranty.

$49.99 $70.00 $20 off

With coupon: Clip on-page coupon

The super compact design still gives you six different ways to plug in. There are three 3-prong AC outlets on one side. The other side has two USB-A ports and a USB-C port. The AC outlets are placed in such a way that you can plug in even larger adapters without any of them getting in the way. The two USB-A ports have a power output of 15W. The USB-C port has Power Delivery and 45W power.

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The PowerIQ 3.0 technology on the USB-C port helps it detect what is being plugged in. It will then provide the best possible charge based on the device being used, which means giving you all the power it can give you if you're plugging in something like a MacBook. The capsule can charge a 12-inch MacBook to full in just two hours. If you plug in your iPhone or Android smartphone you'll get a much faster charge than if you used the included charger.

The traingular design lets you clean up the cables on your desk. With the AC outlets facing backward and off the back of your desktop, you can direct the power cords so you can't even see them from the front but your devices are still getting all the juice they need.

The capsule is also equipped with a lot of safety features, including a surge protector, overload protection, and a fire-resistant casing. Not only does Anker back this up with an 18-month warranty, you also get a lifetime connected equipment warranty of $50,000 based on the lifetime of the product.

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