Pick up some more USB-C cables with 40% off these options from Veckle

While having lengthy cables around is a great idea for when you're lying in bed or lounging around the couch, sometimes all that extra material can get in the way. Today Amazon is offering 40% off a selection of Veckle USB-C to USB-A cables, most of which are short options that can come in handy in a myriad of ways. You'll need to shop through this link and add your chosen item to your cart to get the discount, which will apply automatically during checkout. Each option in this sale is backed with a year-long warranty and positive reviews. Spend at least $25 or use Amazon Prime to get free shipping.

Coming in at as low as $4 apiece, these cables are a no-brainer for anyone that uses USB-C on a regular basis. Be sure to add the cables to your cart through our link. The discount will apply automatically during checkout.

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Veckle Phone Mounts

Veckle Phone Mounts

$5.99 $11.99 Save $6

There are several styles to choose from, all at one low price. Some items have already sold out, though, so move quickly.

Veckle USB-C Cable 3-Pack

Veckle USB-C Cable 3-Pack

$6.99 $10.99 Save $4

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to stock up on a few new USB-C cables.

Having a short USB-C cable around is awesome when you're doing something like charging your phone or headphones using a power bank. Your phone will stay charging, and your desk will stay clutter-free. There are plenty of short options up for grabs in today's sale. They fall down to just $3.60 after the discount is applied. You can also get a two-pack for $5.20, which is probably a wiser investment, since if you're going to use one cable, you can probably find a use for a second one.

Alternatively, if you're looking for more length, you can also save on an option that measures nearly seven feet long when all is said and done. It features nylon braiding and a sturdy aluminum connector for tons of durability. Cables this long are nice for awkward outlets, like behind the couch or under your bed.

No matter which length you go with, it's important to note that these are USB-A to USB-C. If you're looking for straight USB-C to USB-C, you'll want to find a different cable. Try this version instead. If you're looking for a cable that keeps itself out of the way while you're using it, these angled options should do the trick.

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