The Verizon deal that hooks you up with a free Samsung Galaxy A53 is about to expire

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Believe it or not, there are always plenty of Verizon deals out there to explore, but the offers can involve so many steps and eligibility requirements that the whole process feels like a hassle. That's why were pleasantly surprised to come across this limited-time offer that gives you a free Samsung Galaxy A53 for simply adding a line with an eligible Unlimited plan. No trade-in required. And before you ask: no, the eligible plan in question is not the most expensive one on the list. As a matter of fact, any Unlimited plan (excluding Welcome Unlimited and prepaid) should do the trick. 

It works like this. Pick up a Samsung Galaxy A53 online, add a line with the eligible plan of your choosing, and Verizon will send you $499.99 in promo credits over 36 months, enough to cover the full cost of the phone. The only real catch is that you'll need to take advantage of the deal by January 17th to receive the savings.

This Verizon deal hooks you up with a free Samsung Galaxy A53, but not for long

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: $499.99 FREE when you add a line with an eligible data plan at Verizon

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: $499.99 FREE when you add a line with an eligible data plan at Verizon

Add a new line with one of Verizon's Unlimited plans — including the 5G Start, Do More, Get More, Play More, and One Unlimited — and the wireless carrier will hook you up with enough promo credits over 36 months to make the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G totally free. The offer expires on Tuesday, January 17th, so act fast. 

For simplicity alone, I'd call it one of the better Verizon deals that we've seen lately, especially since you're getting what we consider to be one of the best cheap Android phones that money can buy (at least until the A54 comes along). The Galaxy A53 features a stunning AMOLED 120Hz display, tons of battery life, and a 64MP camera that could rival some flagships out there. You'll also enjoy reliable performance thanks to the Exynos 1280 chipset, and the Gorilla Glass 5 screen is tough enough to withstand the occasional tumble.

That being said, why take chances? Use the money you saved with this Verizon deal to pick up one of the best Samsung Galaxy A53 cases

If you aren't a Verizon customer (or you missed this deal), don't worry: we keep track of all the best Galaxy A53 deals all year round. 

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