Pixel 8 Pro could borrow a 7 Pro trick for improved Night Sight photos

Pixel 7 Pro with Camera app open close-up
(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • An APK dive shows mention of a "Multi-camera Super Res Zoom" for the upcoming Pixel 8 series.
  • The code references this as "Hawk" and "FusionZoom" with the former relating to the Pixel 8 Pro.
  • This zoom variant could merge both of the Pixel 8 Pro's camera sensors for stronger, higher-quality Night Sight shots.

A new discovery could point toward the upcoming Google flagship phone borrowing a photography method to enhance its nighttime photos.

In one of its APK teardowns, 9to5Google spotted some interesting references to the upcoming Pixel 8 series cameras. The deep dive comes via the latest Google Camera update (version 8.8), which mentions the use of "Multi-camera Super Res Zoom," a feature used for Google's current Pixel 7 Pro flagship. In the code, this is referred to as "Hawk" and "FusionZoom."

It appears as though the feature would offer specific tweaks for the Pixel 8 Pro since this is the phone that will likely feature a telephoto lens (per leaked renders). Essentially, it appears that this change would activate two of the Pixel 8 Pro's camera sensors during a nighttime shot, and both would capture the same photo. Google Camera would then combine both Night Sight shots taken to improve its overall quality.

The Pixel 7 Pro utilizes a similar technique but for a different purpose, using both primary and telephoto lenses when taking images between 1x and 5x. The device would activate both the wide-angle lens and the telephoto sensor for the shot and would merge both photos to deliver a clear, detailed image. Google calls this Pro Level Zoom.

This could give the Pixel 8 Pro a leg up in low-light and nighttime images compared to devices like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which boasts its impressive low-light capabilities. With respect to its potential camera upgrades, there was also a rumor late last year that speculated the Pixel 8 series could be in for a major sensor upgrade, which could also lend to improved image quality and HDR capture.

The leaked renders of the Pixel 8 Pro also show a potential change to its rear camera shelf. All three of its sensors could be housed within the shelf with the flash and an unknown sensor beneath that, off to the side.

We're now a month and some change out from Google I/O 2023, where we hope to at least receive a teaser of the upcoming Pixel 8 series.

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