Get $100, give $100 with this referral bonus for OnePlus Open buyers

OnePlus Open review
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What you need to know

  • OnePlus is offering a referral program for the OnePlus Open, allowing Open buyers to share a $100 discount with a friend.
  • The person referring a OnePlus Open customer will earn a $100 off coupon for the OnePlus store.
  • Only people who have already purchased an Open at OnePlus' website or the OnePlus Store app can participate in the program. 

The OnePlus Open might be the best folding phone you can buy in North America, and early adopters can now participate in a new referral program. As part of the new deal, OnePlus Open buyers will receive a referral code to share with a friend. They'll receive a $100 off coupon to use at the OnePlus Store, and their friend will receive $100 off the purchase of an Open. 

This is the latest deal for the OnePlus Open, which is very competitively priced compared to other folding phones. The Open retails for $1,700, and that's $100 less than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the Google Pixel Fold. However, the phone costs $1,500 after the OnePlus trade-in promotion is included. You can trade in literally any phone, in any condition, and get $200 off.

OnePlus has confirmed that this trade-in promotion will run as long as the phone is sold, bringing the de facto price down to $1,500.

And on top of that, you can now save an extra $100 with OnePlus' referral program. Only people who have already purchased a OnePlus Open directly from the company's online store or app will get a code to share with friends. Up to five people can use the code, getting $100 of savings each.

Steps for the OnePlus Open referral program

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There's a unique caveat to the program, which states that the person referring the OnePlus Open will only get the $100 off coupon once the phone has been delivered. Presumably, this is to make sure that people don't cancel or refuse delivery after already using the coupon for other OnePlus products. There aren't any other restrictions outlined on the OnePlus website, though.

Eligible OnePlus Open buyers should have already received an email containing their referral code. Remember, if you bought a OnePlus Open from a third party like Best Buy or Amazon, you won't be eligible. OnePlus recommends users contact for help with the referral program.

OnePlus is likely hoping to capitalize on the growing momentum behind the OnePlus Open launch. Reviewers and customers have raved about the new folding phone, which is a happy medium between the form factors of the Pixel Fold and the Z Fold 5. Another big part of the appeal is the starting price and discounts, and these can get even better with this referral program. 

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