Is the OnePlus Open waterproof?

OnePlus Open review
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Is the OnePlus Open waterproof?

Best answer: The OnePlus Open, the brand’s first foldable phone, has an IPX4 rating, which means it’s protected against splashes of water on the enclosure. But unfortunately, this does not make it fully waterproof, a step down from many other devices in its class in this respect. But the phone does employ some dispersion features to help keep water away from the internals and hinge.

What to know about the waterproof rating of the OnePlus Open

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The OnePlus Open is an exciting new foldable smartphone from the company, OnePlus’ first in this category and the latest in the growing foldables space. It has a back made of Gorilla Glass 5 and a Ceramic Guard on the screen with proprietary Ultra Thin Glass protective materials on the inner foldable display, so it’s a pretty durable phone overall.

While the IPX4 rating isn’t the best available, with many phones nowadays boasting IP68 or IP67 ratings, it’s still a step in the right direction for OnePlus. The company has historically not assigned any official water-resistant rating to its devices. The OnePlus 10T did receive one, but it was only IP54, which actually involves the same water-resistant rating as the OnePlus Open.

How so? This is because the IPX4 waterproof rating pertains to both dust and water resistance. The letter “X” references its dust resistance, and the lack of a number in this space means it is not rated to withstand dust.

Where the waterproof rating comes into play is with the second number. An IP rating of “4” for water resistance, as noted in the OnePlus Open, means it is resistant to “splashing water:” You can splash water on the phone from any direction, and it won’t have a harmful effect. But you can’t dunk the phone in water, leave it out in the rain, or accidentally drop it in the toilet and guarantee that it will still be OK.

OnePlus Open review

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

To put this in perspective, a phone with an IP68 rating, like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, would offer “dust tight” complete protection against dust getting into the innards of the phone and can also be immersed in more than a meter of fresh water. A phone with an IPX8 rating, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, offers the same water submersion rating but, like the OnePlus Open, isn’t confirmed to be protected against dust. Meanwhile, a phone with an IP67 rating, like the Google Pixel 7a, could be immersed in up to one meter of water (and is protected against dust).

Consider, however, that OnePlus says it has added some features to help better disperse moisture should the phone get wet. This includes dispersive waterproof protection applied to critical components on the inside of the phone so water doesn't reach the core internal structure. The hinge itself also has drainage holes on both sides of the spindle, so water won’t pool in that area, but rather exit from where it enters. Thus, you might be able to get this phone slightly wet more so than you might other devices with an IPX4 rating. Still, when possible, it’s best to keep it away from water. But if you get more than a splash, don’t panic, as you might still be OK.

Bottom line: don’t go for a swim with the OnePlus Open unless you tuck it into a sealed waterproof bag or place it in a waterproof case (should one be available). Don’t even use it by the pool. While it’ll be fine if you get caught in a rainstorm on occasion, the phone can really only withstand splashes. If having a waterproof housing is of the utmost importance to you, consider a look at the best waterproof phones for alternative considerations.

If it's a foldable you need, the jury is still out on whether the OnePlus Open will rank among the best foldable phones. The phone is still new. But fans and reviewers are eager to try it out and put it to task against the top foldable phones on the market today from Samsung, Motorola, and Google.

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