Leaked Galaxy Z Flip 5 dummy units show a gap despite its new hinge

Leaked dummy units of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in white.
(Image credit: SlashLeaks)

What you need to know

  • Galaxy Z Flip 5 leaked dummy units show quite a distinct gap despite Samsung's newly developed hinge.
  • The units show off a new color, black, and give us an all-around view of the clamshell device ahead of launch.
  • Samsung's Unpacked event is slated for July 26 at 7 am ET.

Ahead of Samsung's big reveal, prototype units for its clamshell foldable have leaked and show an issue we hoped was gone.

Images and a video of the Galaxy Z Flip 5's dummy units were posted on SlashLeaks and give us a good look at the device in white and black. We're attributed to some decent looks at the phone from all angles before the video shows what it looks like when folded. The leaked dummy units are still showing a very prominent gap in the Z Flip 5's display.

It's not clear just how accurate these dummy units are, given that we expect Samsung to get rid of the gap when the phone launches, but the design overall matches what we've seen.

Aside from that, the units show off the phone's power button and volume rocker on the right side and the SIM card tray on the left side. The bottom of the device is kept pretty standard as the USB-C port and speakers are together down there.

The dummy units don't show anything wildly different from what we've seen prior, aside from the newly redesigned tab-like cover display.

The short video and additional images of the dummy units can be viewed on SlashLeaks.

Near the end of 2022, it was rumored that the Galaxy Z Flip 5 would be built with a new hinge designed to reduce the visibility of the phone's crease. This new hinge was also likely to bring in a slimmer phone as a result. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 was also rumored to feature a new waterdrop hinge for a thinner design.

When it comes to color, seeing the Flip 5 in black is new. It was previously rumored the clamshell device would see blue, green, platinum, yellow, light pink, light green, gray, and beige.

As we rapidly approach Samsung's Unpacked event, rumored specs regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 5 include its 3.4-inch cover and its 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED display. The dummy units, much like past leaks, have shown the continuation of a dual camera array which is speculated to contain a 12MP primary and ultra-wide lens pairing.

Samsung is preparing for its Unpacked event on July 26, where we see the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in full for a global launch. Its book-folding partner, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, will also be in attendance during the event in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung states users can catch the action on its official YouTube channel at 7 am ET.


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