This promo code gets you TWO YEARS of discounted wireless from Visible — deal ends January 31st

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New year, new you, new wireless carrier? Visible, one of our favorite phone companies in the biz, just launched a deal that discounts both of its data plans for 24 months when you use the code VISIBLE24 at checkout. Thanks to this offer, the Visible Basic plan will drop from $25/month to $20/month, while Visible Plus will decrease from $45/month to $35/month for TWO YEARS.

As we detail in our Visible review, both of these data plans come with a mobile hotspot and unlimited talk, text, and data on Verizon's vast 5G/4G LTE network. If you can afford it, I usually recommend Visible Plus, as that data plan also includes international benefits and 50GB of premium data that won't be deprioritized if your network becomes congested. Either way, you're getting a cheap phone bill that's locked in for two years with no annual contract or sneaky fees. The only real catch is that the promo ends on January 31st — so act fast if you're interested.

Visible Basic:$25$20 per month with code VISIBLE24Visible Plus: $45 $35 per month with code VISIBLE24

Visible Basic: $25 $20 per month with code VISIBLE24
Visible Plus: $45 $35 per month with code VISIBLE24

Sign up for either of Visible's phone plans with the code VISIBLE24 and the Verizon-owned carrier will hook you up with a monthly discount for TWO YEARS, no strings attached. Both plans come with unlimited talk, text, and data from Verizon, plus you'll get a mobile hotspot and unlimited talk/text to Mexico and Canada.

Choose the more-expensive Plus plan and the carrier will also hook you up with some additional monthly benefits, such as 50GB of premium data, 500 minutes of calling to over 30 countries, and unlimited texts to over 200 countries worldwide. 

✅Recommended if: you want a new wireless carrier with a mobile hotspot and unlimited data on Verizon's network; your current phone bill is too expensive.

❌Skip this deal if: you want to bring multiple lines; you're happy with your current phone bill; your area doesn't have good Verizon coverage.

These discounts may not seem like a lot on paper, but it's a pretty great deal if you've been considering the Verizon-owned carrier anyway. After all, two years is a long time, and with 50GB of premium data on the Visible Plus plan, you won't have to worry about getting deprioritized like you might with some MVNO carriers

If you're not totally sold on Visible just yet, it's also worth mentioning that the carrier offers a 15-day free trial that lets you explore the service with zero hassle or credit card required. Sign up for the trial today and you'll still have time to receive the discount if you decide to join once the 15 days are up. 

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