Best OPPO Find X5 and Find X5 Pro cases 2024

The OPPO Find X5 and X5 Pro sport striking ceramic designs that set them apart from any other phones out there. While they do look stunning, you need a sturdy case for your Find X5 and X5 Pro to prevent that beautiful ceramic from shattering. A drop or a bump could be disastrous, so grab one of the best phone cases that we could find.

Protect that OPPO Find X5 with these great cases

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Best OPPO Find X5 Pro cases

Suit 'em up with these fine cases

While there aren't many name brands offering phone covers for the OPPO Find X5 and Find X5 Pro, you still get a diverse set of options. They range from clear to thin ones, from rugged to wallet options, and good old monochrome silicone cases as well. For both the Find X5 and the Find X5 Pro, our favorite ensemble is OPPO's very own Kevlar case. It's durable, looks fantastic, and doesn't bulk up your phone. The only downside is its exorbitant price.

In terms of its powerful internals as well as its stunning exterior, the Find X5 and X5 Pro qualify as some of the best Android phones out there. If you would like to show off the beautiful glazed ceramic body of either OPPO phone, you should buy a clear case. Be sure to get a reinforced hard clear case over the regular soft ones, as those risk damage and tend to yellow over time. Both the Cresee and the Osophter transparent cases are good choices to go for. If you want to spice things up a bit, buy a good-looking PopSocket to go with your style.

Once you're done shopping for phone covers, move on to another must-have accessory, which is a screen protector. These are staples that are necessary to prolong the lifespan of your OPPO Find X5 and Find X5 Pro. Since neither device has a headphone jack, it is a good idea to grab a nice pair of wireless earbuds as well.

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