Best Buy deal GIVES YOU $100 for simply preordering the Google Pixel 8a — plus $499 when you trade in

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Google's latest midrange masterpiece hits store shelves on May 14th, but Best Buy is already out here with one of the best Pixel 8a preorder deals imaginable. Grab the unlocked phone through the retailer's site and you'll get a $100 Best Buy gift card straight away, no strings attached. Activate the phone today and you'll score an additional $100 discount, plus there's up to $499 of trade-in credit available when you send Best Buy an old or broken device. In other words, meet the eligibility requirements and Best Buy might give you the Google Pixel 8a for free AND throw in a $100 gift card for good measure. 

Google Pixel 8a 128GB:$499 FREE with eligible trade-in, plus $100 gift card at Best Buy

Google Pixel 8a 128GB: $499 FREE with eligible trade-in, plus $100 gift card at Best Buy

Head to Best Buy for your Google Pixel 8a preorder and you'll instantly receive a $100 gift card plus up to $499 of trade-in credit depending on model and condition. Activate the device today and you'll even score an additional $100 discount. That's a pretty remarkable offer for a phone that isn't even out yet. 

We haven't dropped our official Google Pixel 8a review just yet, but first impressions suggest that the device will easily rank among the best cheap Android phones released this year. 

Starting at just $499 for the 128GB model, the phone boasts the same outstanding Tensor G3 chipset that powers the Google Pixel 8 Pro at half the price, plus you get an upgraded 120Hz AMOLED display and more battery life than any A series Pixel phone to date. The Google Pixel 8a also comes with seven years of OS upgrades and the same camera tech that made its predecessor such a winning model.

Of course, Best Buy isn't the only retailer offering great Google Pixel 8a deals, but this particular offer is notable for the sheer amount of free stuff you can receive. Instead of offering just trade-in credit or just a free gift card, Best Buy is allowing customers to stack the promos and earn some seriously impressive savings if they're able to meet all of the eligibility requirements. At bare minimum, you're getting a free $100 gift card when you buy the phone unlocked, which might be reason enough to choose Best Buy for your Pixel 8a needs.   

Once your Pixel 8a preorder is complete, don't forget to reserve some great protection with one of the best Google Pixel 8a cases and/or screen protectors

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