Best Google Pixel 8a screen protectors 2024

The best Google Pixel 8a screen protectors don't cost much, but they work around the clock to keep your phone's shiny display safe. The smallest of bumps could result in ugly scratches, and that's the last thing you want to look at. Nicks and abrasions can distort the display output, but a decent screen protector can prevent issues like this very easily.

I recommend grabbing at least a two-pack of screen protectors. That way, you'll have a spare for emergencies. Some Pixel 8a screen protectors come with easy-install kits and frames, so you can achieve a flawless application at home.

Keep that gloss intact with the best screen protection for your Pixel 8a

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It doesn't cost much to get the best Google Pixel 8a screen protection

Much like the excellent pricing of the Pixel 8a, its accessories also give you bang for your buck. None of the best Google Pixel 8a screen protectors cost more than $10, and these are all multipacks we're talking about. This gives you spares for emergencies or to share with family and friends.

Before buying a Pixel 8a screen protector, make up your mind about whether you want something made of glass or plastic. Plastic refers to TPU and PET films, which can be surprisingly reliable. They don't offer better shatter-proofing than tempered glass, but plastic films can self-heal from minor scratches and they are much thinner so you get better touch sensitivity.

When it comes to tempered glass screen guards for the Pixel 8a, you have an insanely wide array of options. The JETech Screen Protector 3-Pack is the best overall pick in this category at the moment. You get high-grade tempered glass screen protectors with oleophobic properties. This means each of the three screen protectors in the box repels liquids and solids, so they stay squeaky clean. JETech also gives you an installation frame, so you can easily apply the screen guards by yourself at home without misaligning them or getting air bubbles.

If you prefer flexible films that can heal small scrapes and abrasions, Supershieldz has a budget-friendly three-pack of PET films you should check out. Films are super thin so they offer higher touch response as opposed to tempered glass. This set is case-friendly too, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues with your Pixel 8a case.

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