A OnePlus folding phone is reportedly already in development

OnePlus charging cable
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 What you need to know 

  • OnePlus is rumored to be working on a foldable phone. 
  • The potential OnePlus foldable is tipped to be based on the OPPO Find N. 
  • A timeline for a release date and where the phone would launch is still up in the air. 

OnePlus has been expanding its portfolio of smartphones for some time now, from the early days when the brand only released a single device to now offering a full range of phones to satisfy nearly every consumer need, except one — folding. That may be changing soon if rumors of a OnePlus foldable phone are true.

PriceBaba posted an exclusive tip from leaker Yogesh Brar that OnePlus is supposedly already working on the company’s first folding phone. The report says that the rumored device would heavily follow the lead of the already available OPPO Find N. While that phone is currently only available in China, a OnePlus variation could launch globally. 

Oppo Find N Half Fold

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched for the company to take a fantastic foldable phone in the Find N and repurpose it for its own use as OnePlus and OPPO are officially working together. The two companies not only have merged R&D departments, but they are also part of the same parent company — BBK, which also includes Vivo and Realme. Taking the core of a foldable within the same family of brands and making some adjustments to help it fit in with the rest of the OnePlus lineup would make sense, considering that the company’s CEO, Pete Lau, was part of its development.

The news that a OnePlus foldable phone is in development comes fresh on the heels of the OnePlus 10 Pro launch, which from our review, is already one of the best Android phones you can get. If the company can do to its foldable what it has done for the traditional smartphone market — the folding phone market could get quite interesting.  

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