Panasonic's Bluetooth headphones with ANC have dropped to a new low of $80

Panasonic Bt Headphones
Panasonic Bt Headphones

We actually keep an eye on the best headphones under $200, and right now it's a different pair of Panasonic headphones that we consider the best overall. Still, there are plenty of great options and today's deal is one of them. The Panasonic RP-HD805N-K over-ear Bluetooth headphones have gone on sale for a whole new low price of $79.99 at Amazon. The deal is available in three colors: black, brown, and silver. These headphones have been selling for around $100 since early December, and they were going for $140 before that. They have dropped $60 in two months, which is super impressive. Not sure they'll stay at this price for very long, though.

Includes a built-in mic and multi-function button to help you take calls, adjust volume, activate a voice assistant, and more. Battery lasts up to 20 hours on a full charge and has Quick Charge. Has 3 levels of active noise cancelling.

The Panasonic headphones have active noise-cancelling built in. This feature has three different level settings so you can determine just how much you need, what's most comfortable for you, and when you need to bump it up or tone it down. Sometimes, like when you're on the move or need to engage with a coworker, it's helpful to have some of that ambient noise coming through. And then there's those occassions where you just want to tune out the world and focus on the music. You can even activate an ambient sound enhancer by simply covering the right headphone speaker housing with your hand, helping you engage in a short conversation or listen for a specific sound without messing with your settings.

Of course you also get premium audio from Panasonic with Hi-Def sound. You can even plug in, go wired, and get Hi-Res Audio. The headphones have 40mm HD driver units and anti-vibration frames for dynamic music every time.

The headphones have a long lasting battery that works for up to 20 hours on a full charge. They also have Quick Charge, which means you can get a bunch of extra time after just 15 minutes. Get back to listening instead of waiting on the battery.

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