Own the complete series of Mad Men digitally for only $7 today

Mad Men Hero
Mad Men Hero (Image credit: Lionsgate Television)

Update: Unfortunately, this deal has expired.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are great, but there's no guarantee the movies and shows available there will always stick around for you to stream. Whether you're tired of paying these services monthly to watch your favorite shows or if you just want to always have access, there are several reasons why it's smart to have a digital library of purchased content too. Today's deal on the complete series of Mad Men (opens in new tab) isn't one to overlook as right now Vudu has all seven seasons available in a bundle on sale for just $6.99 (opens in new tab) total. That's 90% off the regular cost of $70 and easily the best price this set has ever reached.

Mad Men: The Complete Series is available in both SD and HDX at this price, so be sure to select HDX before checking out to snag the best version of the show.

Today's deal is like paying just $1 per season of Mad Men, which is crazy when you consider that these seasons regularly sell for $10 apiece. It's rare to see deals like these pop up on any show, let alone one that's as popular as Mad Men.

If you're new to Vudu, you might even score a discount on your first purchase to bring the cost of this series below $5. Vudu allows you to watch your purchased content on a myriad of devices, from smart TVs and your computer to smartphones and tablets. Plus, if you sign up for Movies Anywhere, you can connect your Vudu account with your accounts at other digital retailers to sync your movie library and have any eligible purchased films show up in all of them.

There are a ton of other deals to check out at Vudu right now. Vudu also offers a selection of movies that are free to watch with your account.

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  • It still says $36.99 on the site but you can get it for $6.99 via the app.
  • I click the link takes me to my VuDu account and it is $39.99 ?
  • Same here, on the app it has it at $6.99 but not on the site.
  • For me on the app it says $36.99
  • Yes now it has gone up. Wonder if the $6.99 was a mistake. I should have pulled the trigger. :(
  • Even if you connect you Vudu account to movies anywhere this wouldn't show up on other services because it's a tv show and they're not MA eligible.
  • So? Where isn't Vudu available?