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After weeks of teases and a handful of solid leaks, we finally have the official announcement of the OnePlus 3, the latest in the high-end-but-affordable line of phones from OnePlus. The OnePlus 3 aims to carry on the legacy of its predecessors with all of the big specs and performance that you expect out of a flagship phone, but for a lower price — and has always been the case, you get great performance and a simple software experience.

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Starting with the design, we're looking at a familiar footprint here with a 5.5-inch display (a 1080p AMOLED panel, covered in Gorilla Glass 4) and one-touch fingerprint sensor, but it's now surrounded by a complete aluminum body that surrounds the entire exterior. Inside, it's only the top specs — a Snapdragon 820 processor is supported by 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The new 16MP rear camera is supported by OIS and full manual camera controls, while a large-pixel 8MP camera promises to up your selfie game.

OnePlus has then added a few of the little specs and features that were "missing" on the OnePlus 2 — the OnePlus 3 offers a brand new Dash Charge quick charging solution over USB-C for its 3000 mAh battery, as well as NFC for mobile payments, and the speaker is incredibly loud. And for those who loved the StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus 2, there are a set of super slim cases that sport the same materials, including its signature black sandstone and real wood.

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In terms of software we're looking at OxygenOS, which is a very light tough of changes on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. OnePlus has even slimmed it down notably from what's available on the OnePlus 2, removing some superfluous software. But you still get all of the main features — swappable hardware and software navigation buttons, a dark mode, customizable status bar and quick settings toggles and a handful of useful gestures.

Best of all, OnePlus has ditched the invite system it used previously to manage sales — you'll be able to head to its website today and buy the OnePlus 3. The price? $399 in the U.S., $519 in Canada, £309 in the UK, €399 in Europe and ₹27,999 in India — and no more dealing with multiple SKUs or versions, you can simply buy one top-end model with the high-end specs listed on the page. OnePlus is launching the phone in graphite silver at first, with a soft gold model coming later in the year.

To encourage use of its immersive virtual reality experience surrounding the OnePlus 3 launch, OnePlus is giving those who download its virtual reality store a two-hour head start on ordering — sales will then open up to the website at 3:00 p.m. ET today.

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Press release:


Dash Charge Technology, Industry-leading 6 GB RAM, Aluminum Unibody Design Bring a Better Mobile Experience

NEW YORK – June 14, 2016 – OnePlus, a global mobile technology startup, today released the OnePlus 3, its long-awaited flagship smartphone. Combining the best in technology, design and innovation, this premium device further solidifies OnePlus' mission to build a better smartphone experience.

The OnePlus 3 offers top-of-the-line performance and inspired design, while keeping the customer at the center. The new phone features Dash Charge fast charging technology, which adds a day of power in only half an hour. It comes completely unlocked – no carrier contracts necessary, and an unlocked bootloader – to give users maximum flexibility. It is also the first OnePlus smartphone to be available for purchase at launch without an invite on OnePlus' e-commerce site.

"We know that the best smartphone is the one that works exactly how you want it to," said OnePlus Founder and CEO Pete Lau. "The OnePlus 3 delivers that experience. It combines what our customers already love about our products with what they want and expect next. For example, Dash Charge sets a new standard for fast charging technology. It's a flagship smartphone inspired by – and made for – our fans."

Dash Charge – A Day's Power in Half an Hour

The OnePlus 3 utilizes Dash Charge technology, a faster, cooler and safer way to charge a smartphone. Unlike other quick charging technologies, Dash Charge replenishes more than 60% of the 3,000 mAh battery in 30 minutes and continues fast charging even when streaming video or playing energy-intensive games. This is made possible by leveraging a large electric current for stable, consistent charging speeds. In addition, Dash Charge carries more current than other charging solutions, and at lower temperatures, by shifting the power management process from the phone itself to the Dash Charge adapter, so a vast majority of the heat generated while charging never reaches the device. Along with five custom safety measures in place to safeguard the adaptor, cable and phone itself, users can charge their OnePlus 3 as fast as possible without worry.

Smart Capture – High-quality Photos and Easy Selfies

The 16 MP rear camera on the OnePlus 3 provides better imaging with incredible detail and clarity. OnePlus' exclusive suite of imaging technologies, Smart Capture, allows users to effortlessly capture the ideal shot in any environment. Smart Capture functionalities include HD Mode, Auto HDR and Dynamic De-noise, which compares several frames of the same photo and blends them together in post-processing to reduce noise. The OnePlus 3 also includes our new Smile Capture feature, allowing you to take a photo using the front-facing 8 MP camera simply by smiling – a seamless solution for selfies.

Dual-stabilization technologies – Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) – help reduce blur, ensuring photos come out as planned. For the most discerning photography enthusiast, the robust manual mode offers the benefits of a DSLR, including support of RAW image files, in one lightweight device.

Premium Design – Elegantly Curved Aluminum Unibody

The design of the OnePlus 3 takes aesthetics, quality and usability to a new level. The all-metal unibody, carved from a single slab of space-grade aluminum alloy, makes for a seamless, resilient build, while the balance of soft curves against sharp lines creates a striking impression and comfortable grip. At 7.3 mm, the OnePlus 3 is one of the thinnest flagships ever. The stunning 5.5-inch 1080p Optic AMOLED display, with one of the world's thinnest bezels, produces colors that are more vivid and true-to-life than ever before – even in bright sunlight – thanks to a dual-polarizing layer.

Available in two striking color variants – Graphite and Soft Gold – the OnePlus 3 is an inspiring device to hold.

Fast, Powerful, Customizable

The OnePlus 3 was designed to deliver maximum performance. Packing the new quad-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor (up to 2.2 GHz), the OnePlus 3 performs tasks 35% faster than the OnePlus 2 and features a 40% boost in graphical power – all at a fraction of the power consumption.

The device also sets a new standard in smartphone memory. The OnePlus 3 boasts 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, allowing for next-level multitasking without delay or lag and ensuring it can handle the most demanding apps. The OnePlus 3 also features an improved, more durable ceramic fingerprint sensor that improves accuracy with increased use. Offering the ability to unlock the device in under 0.2 seconds, even from a sleeping screen, users can access their phone faster and more accurately.

Our custom operating system, OxygenOS, offers a fast, clean, customizable and bloat-free operating system based on Android Marshmallow. With off-screen gestures and customizable capacitive hardware and software buttons built in, the OnePlus 3 allows customers to personalize their smartphone experience.

The unlocked OnePlus 3 never ties you down to a carrier. Customers can have more control over connectivity with the ability to choose from a wide band of support for service providers across the globe. Additionally, with dual micro SIM card support, the OnePlus 3 can connect to two networks with ease.

Pricing & Availability

The OnePlus 3 will be available on immediately following the launch on June 14 for USD 399, EUR 399 and GBP 309. Additionally, fans can see for themselves how the OnePlus 3 is creating a better smartphone experience by visiting one of four pop-up stores located in New York, London, Paris and Berlin on June 15, 2016.

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OnePlus is a global startup challenging conventional concepts of technology. Created around the "Never Settle" mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with premium build quality and high performance hardware. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fans. For more information, please visit

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