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Nexus S 4G GRJ90 update might be coming July 11

According to this document the folks over at SprintFeed got their hands on (Sure looks like the ol' Sprint Playbook), Nexus S 4G users should expect an update to start rolling out July 11.  The update includes a couple fixes from Google, namely enabling a secure setting for NFC and TTY support (ASAP!), but the stuff most are looking for seems to be baked in as well -- fixes to Wifi and 4G data signal strength and changes to the PRL download mechanism and configuration.

The OTA should roll out over a four-day period starting July 11, and all devices should have received the OTA by July 14.  Of course the manual download location will probably get leaked soon after the roll out begins, and if so we'll let you know. 

Source: SprintFeed

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • This update solves half my families problems. Come on Epic 4G GB update!!
  • AWESOME!! I just re-activated my Nexus S 4G.
  • Yeah right! They just want to take away the free wifi tethering bug.
  • Yea it's not a bug AOSP has tethering.
  • Explain please
  • Tethering is a feature in AOSP, which the nexus runs, carrier's are not allowed to tamper with or remove features from nexus devices AFAIK
  • This is great news I'm really looking forward to this update
  • Just in time. Great news.
  • Perfect.
  • I just soiled myself.
  • Happy birthday to me.
  • NS4G is a good phone, even with a signal issue. If they get that fixed, this phone will be money.
  • I want them to fix this battery issue. My battery dies pretty quickly and takes too long to fully charge. Why does it take 3-4 hours when the device is off? Yesterday was the first time it took so little to charge -- 3 hours.
  • SWEET!! Will this also break my root? I want to unroot my phone by can't figure out how to.
  • I just got mine two weeks ago and the reception is terrible! Will this fix it or should i return it now. I love the device but with reception like that its no good to me.
  • I've got my doubts as to whether or not this will actually FIX the WiFi and cell signal issues, or if the bulk of the 'fix' is the 'tuning of the signal strength indicators'. i.e. will the reception actually be better, or will it just indicate a stronger signal for the same actual signal strength? I'm not holding my breath... When my sister's Epic can pull in my wifi signal at the end of the street, but I have a hard time picking it up in my living room, and have nothing in my driveway, I've got my doubts about the hardware...
  • I'm hoping it will fix the sticky back button syndrome..
  • would any one by any chance know if this update will aslo fix the charging issue?, my NS4G doesnt charge to 100% stops at 97% and says fully charge?!
  • Anyone get the update, yet?