So we all know that the Nexus One was the first phone available at Some of us may also know that Google will continue developing devices to sell in their Google Phone Store. What many of us didn't know until yesterday was that there could be a version of the Nexus One tailored for enterprise. In an interview, Andy Rubin, unprompted, mentioned that there could be a Nexus One Enterprise Version with a bigger battery and physical keyboard.

Obviously, we're not expecting this immediately, it was an off-handed comment discussing possibilities, but could this signify the beginning of seeing Android as an enterprise platform? So far, Android devices has been largely ignored in the enterprise space and rightfully so, for the longest time Android didn't even have support for Exchange. But what if they spun the Nexus One Enteprise as a device tailor made for Google Apps and targeted it to enterprises who use Google Apps? Now this can get interesting..

[via gizmodo]

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