Motorola Atrix 2

Motorola has announced that the Atrix 2 Android smartphone (read our full review) is now available on Telecom in New Zealand. You can snag it for $299 on a two-year, $100-a-month plan, or $799 outright. It's got 10 EA games available for download, including: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed Shift, Dead Space, EA SPORTS FIFA 10, THE GAME OF LIFE, MONOPOLY, The Sims 3, Tetris, Worms and Bejeweled 2

Time to Obliterate Boredom in New Zealand with the New Motorola ATRIX™ 2 with EA Games

Motorola Mobility brings you a smartphone that seriously amps up entertainment, at a competitive price

March 08, 2012 

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – 8 March, 2012 – Down time just got way more fun with the brand new Motorola ATRIX™ 2 with EA™ Games from Motorola Mobility. Offering the ultimate boredom-blitzing gaming experience, Motorola ATRIX 2 serves up a dizzy mix of action, fantasy and adventure straight from your phone thanks to a package of ten EA games available absolutely free*.

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Enjoy those games on an Android-powered smartphone that delivers blazingly fast connectivity and packs a 1GHz dual-core processor for faster browsing and video. A stunning 4.3 inch qHD screen offers the perfect stage for photos and videos, advanced 3D graphics and smooth, crystal-clear game play.

A total of ten EA titles will be available for Motorola ATRIX 24including Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed™ Shift, Dead Space™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 10, THE GAME OF LIFE, MONOPOLY, The Sims™ 3, Tetris®, Worms™ and Bejeweled® 2. Along with everything else this powerful smartphone offers, you may never be bored again. But if you still want more, you can browse thousands of games and apps on the Android Market™ and store them on 4GB of on-board memory or up to 32GB of optional MicroSD card storage.

“ATRIX 2 is a powerful, jam-packed smartphone and a stellar gaming experience” said Timo Brouwer, Managing Director, Motorola Mobility. “It’s a world-class device for work and play with incredible entertaining content from our launch partner EA Games that puts your down-time to the test. “Whether it’s achieving high scores, watching movies, web surfing or sharing pictures, the phone offers a swiss-army-knife of features and capabilities ready to challenge you and banish boredom for good.”

With Motorola ATRIX 2 your entertainment is large and in charge. Use the 1080p HDMI output to bombard your senses with your videos, games and apps on your home HDTV for all those times when even a generous phone screen isn’t enough. Command the gaming, browsing and media action on your TV by simply connecting the supplied HDMI cable.

Telecom Chief Marketing Officer Jason Paris said “We are thrilled to bring the ATRIX2 to the Smartphone Network™, which was built to support powerful devices like this. I’m seriously impressed with the device’s specifications - whether you’re a gamer looking for performance, or need reliability while doing business on the road, our 100% pure 3G network will really help you get the most out of the ATRIX 2.”

Still thinking it over? Here’s why else you want the Motorola ATRIX 2:

Access All Areas
Access all your personal content from anywhere with Motorola’s included MotoCast app. Stream music, pictures and video files straight from your home computer’s hard drive. You can even open access your work documents…if you must. MotoCast ensures you have all your important files to hand 24/7, wherever you are.

Digital Backstage Pass
With a fully connected music player, Motorola ATRIX 2 gives you the power to play whatever you're craving. With super-quick downloads and a high-resolution screen, the ATRIX 2 gives you front row seats to your favourite videos and web pages. Whether it's a hot new remix, a TV clip you can't miss, or that bonus level you're going to beat any day now (promise), you'll experience entertainment at its best.

The Big Stage
With Motorola’s unique Webtop application, connect your Motorola ATRIX 2 to the Motorola® HD Dock with HDMI cable* to instantly launch a full version of the Firefox browser on any size HD monitor or TV. Browse the web on full-size televisions or monitors using the optional wireless keyboard and mouse.* Read web pages faster, scan folders easier and view images in their full, uncondensed glory.

Additional features include an 8-megapixel camera to take pictures crisp enough for a poster, full 1080p HD video capture and GoogleTalk™ to make sure you always stay connected. A 1735 mAh battery means your game will be finished way before your handset is.

Motorola ATRIX 2 will be available in New Zealand from 8 March, 2012, exclusively on the Telecom Smartphone Network™ and can be purchased in Telecom stores and online at

The device is available at $299 on a $100 Smartphone 24 month plan, or can be purchased outright for $799. For more information on Motorola ATRIX 2, please visit the Motorola website: