New Motorola Droid Bionic spotted in the wild

The Droid Bionic saga continues, with the latest incarnation of the phone we first saw at CES now appearing in the wild, in pictures snapped by tech blog MobileGearz. The LTE-equipped Bionic now sports a redesigned chassis that's a little different to what we've previously seen, and the presence of a 8MP camera and the new version of MotoBlur has been confirmed in these latest images too.

There's also a connector for Motorola's laptop dock, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise -- Moto has been promising more "lapdock"-supporting phones for a while now. Hit up the source link for some more photos of the new Bionic.

Source: MobileGearz

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • This looks more like an overhead shot of the Droid 3...
  • Why are Motorola phones so ugly?
  • I actually like the "industrial" design of the Motorola products.
  • And with the "Industrial" design comes the solid well built feeling in my opinion. . .
  • Im glad to see some who actually agrees with me
  • I'd rather buy an ugly, well-built device rather than a flimsy piece of crap that looks great. ;)
  • eh
  • Motoblur is starting to look like touchwiz
  • And here comes Apple.
  • I think I liked the original design better.
  • Nice lookin' phone. Hope the specs are good. Looks like the GB task bar. Hopefully VZW will have the sense not to release any more Froyo phones. I hope we have the sense not to buy any more Froyo phones.
  • Yeah I think this is an improvement. That last chassis design for the bionic looked cheap to me. . . plasticy. On the flip side, this looks less Motorola and more HTC. Still looking forward to it. . .
  • Unlock my bootloader or don't even bother, moto.
  • I liked how the old Bionic looked
  • so then this isn't the Tegra? and besides not having the hard buttons it looks like my X.
  • Yeah, this does look different than Terga, which was rumored to be the new bionic. Which makes me wonder what the Terga will be released as. . . and when.
  • That looks more like my OG Droid
  • Nice. One more great phone for VZ. Meanwhile Sprint has 3 new phones that are worth the effort and no iPhone. LOL!!
  • This may be me next phone if the specs are good. HTC is about to lose a customer due to reboots and the lack of an update to fix. I will dislike not being able to use sense.
  • PLEASE tell me I'm not seeing a qwerty kb...
  • Please tell me this isn't official. I liked the old look much better. This looks more like an updated droid 2 body with a new style of gingerbread and touchwiz.
  • Just rewatched those droid 3 videos and this is definately the Droid 3 and not the Bionic. Nice try though whoever the source was.
  • wow you actually might be right.. in the picture where the phone is docked on the laptop dock you can see the silver lip on the bottom of the phone where the slider keyboard is separated from the screen, a signature of the OG droid (lost in the d2) and a telltale sign of the droid 3 (see the d3 videos). there's no way this lip exists on the bionic because it is not a slider
  • unless of course that's not a lip but part of the phone, but i can't really tell cuz i'm looking at it on a very small screen.
  • My thoughts exactly. I pointed this out on DL.
    And being the Bionic is supposed to be sporting a 12MP camera (this I know to be true by a VERY reliable source), I'm going to have to say this is a D3... or possibly an LTE version of it anyway, which would be sweet nonetheless!
  • No its not a Droid 3
    The Droid 3's front camera is on the right side of the earpiece
    This one is on the left , Im not sure wither this is the Bionic , Photon , Bullet or Jet , But definitely not a Droid 3
  • The back in the pictures looks different than the back of the D3 in the videos (specifically the orientation of the camera module.) That said, if those do happen to be pictures of the D3, then that would make you scratch your head about the “4G” labeling on the back of the supposed D3… Conspiracy-theory mode set to full, but if you re-watch the first video of the D3, you will notice that the hand model is very deliberate in placing her thumb on the spot where the “4G” may or may not be when flipping the phone over… -Suntan
  • i REALLY like the conspiracy theory lol
  • Those buttons are so ugly. I wanted a bionic before.....but now? I'm not sure
  • I just hope that they make a GSM version or at least a world phone