Motorola now selling the Chromecast

Motorola's online store offering Chromecast devices, so when do we see the Moto X at Google Play?

Motorola wants you to believe that they have no plans to become Google. Acting as a separate company, releasing their own devices with their own take on what Android means to them, they are seemingly a distinct entity of their very own.

Then they put the Chromecast up for sale on their website.

There's noting wrong with this, but it's not like the Chromecast is hard to find any longer You can buy one from retailers like Best Buy, or online from Amazon, and of course at Google Play. And now you can also send $35 to Motorola to get one.

It's worth the $35, and when the SDK finally goes public (we're waiting) we know some great stuff can be done. If you don't have one or more yet, tell someone to buy you one for the coming holidays. You'll probably find it's a neat little gadget.

We're just surprised to see it pop up at Motorola's store.

Source: Motorola (A Google Company). Thanks, Derek!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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