Motorola launches Defy+ in the UAE

Motorola has released the Defy+ for the UAE, bringing the tough-as-nails phone to market for those who need a tough-as-nails phone. With a water resistant and dust-proof casing, and a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass screen, Motorola promises the Defy+ will be "life proof". A quote from Raed Hafez, managing director for Motorola Mobility's Middle East and Africa division, sums it up nicely:

With smartphones firmly established as essential, multi-purposing digital hubs, Middle Eastern consumers are looking for a handset that is not only capable of delivering a comprehensive range of entertainment and enterprise functionalities, but is also able to effectively withstand every-day wear and tear

The Defy+ offers a much improved experience over the original, with a newer, better version of Motorola's Blur user interface, and has better internals. Shipping with a 1GHz processor, a 3.7-inch 800x480 display, a 1700mAh battery and Android 2.3 the Defy+ should be a hit for those who want a rugged phone that looks stylish and runs well. For more information, see the source link.

Source: Motorola

Jerry Hildenbrand
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