Motorola and Verizon throwing down next week

Hmmm, what have we here? Motorola seems to be hosting an event on Oct 18, 2011 to introduce something "Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger" but no hints as to what it could be. Could we see the new Xoom 2's coming, or maybe the Motorola RAZR (aka the Droid HD), or an early launch of a Droid 4? Keep your eyes peeled, and sound off in the comments as to what you think they'll be announcing!

Update: Moto's just published a teaser video for the Oct 18 event on its MotorolaTV YouTube channel, promising "four reasons to get excited". Hit the jump to check it out.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

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  • Commence rumors in 3..2..1..
  • won't be the droid 4. most likely it's the Xoom 2 because they just released the bionic, so another phone is unlikely
  • The RAZR, and Xoom 2's I'm thinking...
  • So now it's the Galaxy Nexus Motorola Prime, Verizon Epic 4G Touch Droid HD.
  • +1 for this guy!
  • I would love to see a Motorola Nexus.
  • They posted a video on YouTube. It seems pretty clear to me that it will be some sort of RAZR branded device.
  • Yup...what is a Droid RAZR for a thousand Alec?
  • The random red 42 in there makes me think they know exactly where they're aiming this thing at.
  • Glad I'm not the only one that caught the "42" under the "smarter" section :)
  • I wonder if I'll be able to trade my Slower, Fatter, Dumber, Weaker original XOOM for a XOOM2? Currently I'm considering putting my XOOM up on Craiglist once it gets back with it's 4G "upgrade". I think the Kindle Fire will be my Android table of choice.
  • if you're going to use it as a table, the xoom has much more surface area.
  • The Kindle is NOT an Android tablet. It may have Android underpinnings, but is even further from being an Android tablet than the Nook was.
  • Maybe so but a Pure Android Tablet just doesn't do it for me. I really don't need a bigger phone ;-) I love the idea of the Kindle Fire, I'm a huge fan of Amazon and I love Kindle books. I think Amazon is onto something with creating a device specific for Amazon. Who cares what the underlying OS is, as long as it has a great user experience.
  • Without a doubt this will be the "RAZR" device. I dont know why moto does this to themselves. They push out devices to fast, slow down and do a FEW devices the right way. They are giving us 5 phones every 6 months that need 5 software updates before they work correctly.
  • Really for motos top phones the ones that matter they all have current os gingerbread. They provide better os support then other manufacturers. And large part there skins aren't so over bloated
  • I work for a vzw retailer, Droid 3 Droid X2 both have software issues. The bionic has been great so far but its basically a dx2 with 4G.. And now were gonna get this Droid RAZR.... I understand that they want to come out with good products but why release a droidx2 without any major upgrades and then a month or so later release another phone that is again going to be replaced by the razr. I am not saying they aren't good phones, just not seeing how this is good for their profit.
  • yah I have a DX2 and it is a pretty good phone, it has it's issues but we have gingerbread that fixed a bunch of issues and we are getting another update that should be fixing the other things... I wish they were produced with out all the issues but hey, they're working on fixing the problems. I kind of see where they are coming from, always have a "new" phone and anyone upgrading will see the "new" and think "good" so they buy it
  • What bums me more than anything is the Droid X's bugs after Gingerbread. Were not talking minor bugs, were talking 5 full pages of bugs on Moto's forum. Called verizon last night as I am sick and tired of my phone bugging out every single day. They offered a new Droid X.... I told them why bother? It's just going to have the same glitches and bugs mine already has. The X was amazing pre GB. Now it's just as buggy as my old BB Storm was.
  • You nailed it! I have an X and I have my last Moto product. Thanks to GB, the best phone I have ever owned turned into the biggest POS I have ever owned.
    Moto has lost me as a customer. As soon as something comes out that gets my interest, I'm gone from the Moto family.
  • Well good for u! No one wants a whining customer
  • If it's the Xoom 2, hopefully they'll add "cheaper" and "fully baked" to their list of adjectives as well.
  • It's actually the Spyder. Engadget figured it out. :)
  • I actually like Motorola phones and I have no problem with their UI, unlike most people it seems. The one thing I can't overcome though is a lack of 720p screen. Why would I buy any current phone that doesn't have a 720p screen when both the Vigor/Prime will have one. Doesn't make much sense to pay the same price as the Vigor/Prime and have to live without a 720p screen for the whole 2 year contract.
  • Considering the level of Nerd Rage in the Xoom forumover the LTE upgrade, I hope it isn't the Xoom 2. Announcing the Xoom 2 while people are going nuts over Motorola "playing games" with them upgrading the original would be a backlash nightmare. Xoom owners are already feeling cheated by the long wait to LTE. Announcing a new Xoom with a likely equivalent price point a few months after they finally deliver on what was promised with the 1st one? And it'd be an upgrade too? Not the smartest move But it'd likely be the Xoom 2. Motorola is behind in the tablet market with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 being released. They have a strong competitor in the Bionic. And the Droids aren't slouches, even if they're dated. From a corporate mindset, they'll want to gain in the areas they're behind: tablet market.
  • All the 10" tablets on the market are *basically* the same- same CPU, same GPU, same screen, same amount of memory, same OS (3.X). They are also very similar in dimensions, weight, and battery/runlife. They just vary on storage size and extras (type and number of USB/and memory card slots/etc). The Xoom is not "behind" technologically, just marketing-wise. After the price drop, they became competitive with all the other 10" Android tablets.
  • Needs moar nexus prime.
  • Razor blade at 0:13 could mean Droid HD
  • Completely disrespectful. Too soon, much too soon...
  • Haha: 42. Did anyone else chuckle at that?
  • 6 x 7 = ? That is the question.... LOL +1
  • Hopefully, if it is a new phone, it won't be as fugly as the rest of the junk Motorola has put out. Their phones may be solid but my gosh are they hideous. Maybe making undesirable looking products is a defense against getting sued by apple?
  • A lot of people prefer function over form. I am one of them. Motorola uses more solid building materials. They don't care if their phone doesn't feel like a feather. They have the best cell radios & battery technology, hands down. I think some of their designs are great, specifically the Photon.
  • you may not like there looks, no problem, there are much more manufacturers out there. if u dont like it quit wasting energy complaining and move on
  • It's a PHONE!
  • The only way a Xoom2 would be good for marketing, is if they let Xoom owner have an even trade. I think they messed up with release the d3 without LTE. My OG crapped out on me and I picked up an X2 to tie me over. But im waiting on a qwerty with 4g to upgrade. And what's up with the 42?
  • +1 At least Disney kept *that* part of the story line (mostly) true to the books.
  • Well the cars z(x)ooming around points to the xoom2 and the razor blade points to the razr (spyder, whatever). Kevlar flak vest and diamonds I'm sure mean some kind of super thin phone with carbon fiber reinforcement and gorilla glass I'm assuming. Gonna need it for a phone as thick as the quarter they showed the person holding. Just my .02.
  • I think its smart on motos part. Odds are with everyone saying they are passing on the bionic for the vigor or the prime with better specs they are worried that the raze HD or spider HD will not do well. Try to get all the sales they can before vigor and prime come out. Maybe corner the market some. Google might be a factor here also. Maybe moto wants the profits before the sale or maybe Google wants more moto product out for their own reasons. Lots of theories. I feel its being pushed for those reasons. My 1/2 cent.
  • Back in april there was a rumor of two phones: MotorolaBullet Bullet (obvious codename) is the non-keyboarded of the two. Will sport a 4.3″ qHD screen, Tegra 3 (Kal-El) quad-core processor, at least 1GB DDR2 RAM (possibly 1.5GB), 16GB on-board storage, NFC chip, and a redesigned sensor to provide its new 12MP camera with amazing photos. This phone will launch before the Jet. MotorolaJet Jet (another codename) is the keyboarded version of the two. Will sport a 4″ qHD screen, Tegra 3, 1 to 1.5GB of DDR2 RAM, 16GB on-board storage, same new 12MP camera as the Bullet, NFC chip, and a fully redesigned chicklet-style keyboard. _
  • Sounds like a mobile nerds dream phone(when ever this was rumored).
  • If you google "first Tegra 3 device" results come up on Droid Life and Phonedog back around april 20th
  • I wonder if this will affect when Google decides to reschedule their event because of the press that will be at this event. Hope it doesn't but I'm sure it wikk... I just want my prime...:-(
  • That video was scary. I'm no longer anticipating the 18th but now fearful.