Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update to be rolled out OTA starting Thursday

Update 3/17: And we got even better details on the roll-out. Head here.

And just like that, we now have the date for the official Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update. It was just approved today and will be rolled out in batches of 250,000 starting this Thursday, March 18, at high noon (EDT). So if you don't get it in the first batch, hang on for a little bit. Or, even better, once we have the download link it should be no problem to apply the update manually, just as we did for Android 2.0.1.

Hang in there a little while longer, people. We're close. In the meantime, here's a new thread to muck up while you're waiting. And thanks, anon!

Phil Nickinson
  • Glory!!! Once again lol
  • Uh huh. I'll believe it when it's installed on my phone....
  • Finally!!!!!! ;-)
  • Two things. One: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two: I'll believe it when my phone tells me I have a System Update available...we've jumped the gun before.
  • 2 days. We'll see.
  • Fuck ya!
  • (*faints*) {{x_X}}
  • Any idea how this will affect rooted phones??
  • Most rooted phone software will disable automatic updates. If you have the latest Bugless Beast firmware, you already have the new 2.1 update. I've been playing with it on my Droid for the past two weeks. I still want to change over to the official release to see if there's any difference.
  • Why is droid updated before hero?
  • i think you are confusing this "Droid" by Motorola with the "Droid Eris", which is based off the Hero (and both are branded by HTC).
  • The Eris (and maybe others) have that UI skin to it. So HTC then has to validate that 2.0 or 2.1 work with it. So those phones with a UI skin to it will alwasy lag in updates. That is why I picked the Droid.
  • I really hope they give us the Live Wallpaper and the Drawer for the Android if not I'll just have to go and root this sucker. For those who have rooted already which is better bugless beast or Cyanogen?
  • Live Wallpapers are included. 3D App Launcher is not. Seriously, I don't understand the big deal behind it.
  • to suck the biggest amount of system resources and battery life as possible
  • Go to the verizon homepage and find your way to the Droid support page. Click on update details. they just updated it to reflect 2.1. They have an outline of 2.1 for droid on their own webpage. it's official people. it is coming. and yes, live wallpapers confirmed from the horses mouth.
  • How will this compare the Driod to the Nexus One? In terms of features, will it be on par with each other? I believe I am correct in that the Nexus One hardware is better.
  • same features, just slower.
  • It depends on your phone. I currently have my Droid running faster and smoother than most [stock] N1's. I'm not sure why, but the N1 isn't as smooth as the Droid (in my opinion) (after overclocking) even though the specs aside from the CPU seem better in the N1. The Droid at least has a better screen, but I don't see the Droid being any slower than the N1 with the 2.1 updated features- even at stock speeds, the Droid seems smoother to me. Either way, we'll just have to sit tight and wait for the update. Until then, it's all speculation.
  • Back to stock, now I wait for the official ROM and I'll just buy Tether once its out or hopefully transfer my Blackberry membership to Android. J, the OS's will be identical minus the N1 having the 3D app drawer. The Droid is supposedly better as far as GPU goes and even though the N1 has the SnapDragon @ 1Gh remember the Droid can reliably run at 800mhz, 1GHZ and for some people 1.2GHZ depending on what ROM you run.
  • Be it as it may, Nexus is gonna be better than Droid i still think its safe to say they will be good competetors (pardon sp). Personally i chose the Droid becuz im not a huge fan of fully touch that maybe a good way to look at it....both will be very similar but different. On the other hand..... Since the father of cell phones switched to Droid, has anyone heard more on the apple vs. htc suit lol can we say NO! lol
  • He said he missed some features of the iphone if you read his Twitter, actually...
  • Yes i read it but still the whole suit has seemed to have died down; dont come at me sideways the fact still remains he purchased the droid and theres always a chance he'll go back to iphone... for all we know he could be in espionage and could be secretly gettin ready to slip apple some hook-ups lol
  • You don't understand how the legal system works, do you? This suit will last for years, and most of the maneuvering will be outside the public view. Did you think there would be daily twitter feeds?
  • I don't think BiggQ is saying there has to be daily twitter feeds about. Me personally I've notice a die down of that case in the media. When it all hit mainstream it was everywhere. Just my observation though. I don't think no one really cares
  • First off I don't give a crap lol Second off I am a law student, thats why the case caught my attention the most because I find it interesting. Im just simply saying that was the last article with any reference to that case; now anything pertaining to the case is under wraps. I find it interesting.
  • so how long do you think we'll have to wait to have wait before our 2.1 gets rooted?
  • 10 minutes
  • ERE51 or 53 (I forget which) has already had a loophole found in it I thought.
  • so is the software version ESE53 or ESD56 this confuses me
  • Can we start the countdown for 2.2 now? The clamor will grow all summer long. Will we see 2.2 in September? Thanksgiving? Xmas? Will it face competition from the Pre2 and WebOS 1.5? I just hope it has vastly improved audio capabilities. FLAC and High Quality recording would be great.
  • I'm also looking forward to seeing what is in store for the next Android update (FroYo). It seems like a new version is out about every six months which is great, in my opinion. I'd really like to see the Bluetooth stack updated with the ability to use voice dialing via a Bluetooth headset without having to directly interact with the handsets touchscreen. This has been a problem plaguing Android (also Palm's webOS, to be fair) since day one and I hate to say this, but my six year old Motorola V505 could handle this task easily as could my Windows Mobile 6.1 Samsung Epix.
  • DROOOOOOOOOID yeah baby
  • Happy for those that have waited, but still not enough goodies to make me un-root. For those that are not rooted.. I hope you enjoy the update and hope it brings all that you want. For those that are rooted like me and the non rooters, let the guessing begin on when flash will be released..
  • why are there two updates up there? Version ESE53 and Version ESD56
  • The ESD56 would be the 2.0.1 update we got a while back
  • And, once again, Sprint is left sitting in its rivals' dust. No wonder Sprint keeps losing customers. They've gone from having one of the best selections of devices to the worst. And while VZ has dramatically sped up the rate at which it approves and releases new devices and updates, Sprint is falling on its face. Where's Hero 2.1? Where's moment 2.1? How much longer am I going to put up with Sprint's inability to perform like a first tier provider?
  • maybe start treating them like they are.
  • To be fair, The HTC Hero also needs to have the updated Sense UI and widgets certified before it can be rolled out along with Android 2.1. It's not just a matter of making sure JUST Android 2.1 works on the HTC Hero (and Droid Eris for that matter). To be honest though, I'm a bit tired of waiting for the update myself. I wonder if the HTC Hero will even be considered for an OTA update for Android FroYo (the next Android iteration).
  • ***dammit!! just when the Eris is about to get it's OTA 2.1...they HAVE to announce Motorolas first. i guess it's an obvious move but just makes it more annoying. i know we just got rooted but we don't have an awesome cooked ROM yet so some things may/may not work compared to the official ROM. to decide to OTA update (when it comes) or wait for a good cooked ROM....
  • Figures. I finally get tired of waiting and root my phone and 2 days later they announce the update? Whatever. Anyway, without the 3D app drawer, I don't see what I'll be gaining over Cyanogen's mod. And at least rooted, I can overclock my processor and enable wifi tethering. Without the 3D app drawer, the official 2.1 update is essentially just minor tweaks: pinch to zoom and live wallpapers.
  • Hey, how about an OTA update for the Sprint HTC Hero? We've been stuck on Android 1.5 for a long time now and the Droid has 2.0 already. :( There are rumors it may arrive as early as next week, but I bet it will more than likely be in early April. Off topic: I wonder what the next version number will be for "FroYo?" Version 2.2? Version 2.5? Version 3.0? Who knows. :)
  • So will this update the Motorola DEVOUR I just bought?
  • I fucking hate going to sites and being told I need to update my flash player. Since Jan Verizon has been yanking us around over this update. Hope they FINALLY get their shit together
  • There is no flash in the update.
  • Verizon has this pdf up Enhancements:
     Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the browser, Gallery, and
    Google Maps.™
     New Weather and News application plus widget.
    − The Weather and News app pulls the information you want from the
    Web and brings it to your fingertips. You get weekly and hourly
    weather forecasts based on your location, and news headlines.
     New support for voice-to-text entry.
    • Whenever a text-entry box appears, simply tap the microphone
    icon on the virtual keyboard and speak.
     New Gallery application with 3D layout. View and share photos taken
    with your phone and images from your online Picasa Web albums.
     Live Wallpapers offer richer animated, interactive backgrounds on the
    home screen. Access them with a long press anywhere on the home
    screen. Tap Wallpapers, then Live Wallpapers.
  • So do I go to the store to get the update or what?
  • What a lousy update. This is a joke. They need to make so many other improvements in essential areas like power management, docking a phone icon, fixing the sms date bug and thousands of others. Who cares about live wallpaper?
  • So no flash :( well now it's waiting time
  • got the update, still haven't figured out whether I have 5 screens or not.
  • Just got the update. Pinch zoom non functional. In fact, no zoom at all now! This confirmed on three Droids. Update = downdate. As to other stuff, what we wanted/needed was power management, bluetooh dial, flash, etc. Not a list of weak UI improvements that don't even work. Do they not listen? Do they not test it??? So, can I roll back my o/s to at least get my web page zoom back?