Motorola Droid RAZR in Verizon systems, reminds us that it will be awesome

With all the Galaxy Nexus talk, it's easy to forget that the Motorola Droid RAZR (check out our hands-on) will go up for pre-orders in just a few days.  Verizon hasn't forgotten, and the RAZR is sitting pretty in the equipment infocenter so that everyone at Big Red can be ready to answer your questions about this new Motobeast.  With great specs (dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, Gorilla Glass and Super AMOLED up front while Kevlar adorns the back), and a sleek thin profile, this is the Android phone to get for many of you.  I couldn't blame ya -- it's gorgeous, and it's coming soon.

Thanks, anon!

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • And the razr returns reborn from a thin flip phone to a thin smart phone
  • Damn non removable battery!
  • Yah, that absolutely kills the bit of interest I had in this device. Pass
  • *sits back & waits* for first user who bootloops and goes to pull `battery`
  • I REALLY want this phone. I hope its as rommable early on like the BIonic.
  • This'll be my next phone. Pre-ordering it on Thursday.
  • And when does it get ICS? We've got promises and little more. And does it get it unadulterated or Binged, Blurred and Bloated? Oh yea, it's VZ, so that's pretty much settled. And does it get it with the ability to freeze bloat intact, or will VZ find a way to disable that? Oh yea, it's VZ so that's pretty much a sure thing too.
  • another moto device that sells with a promise. Wonder how many will fall for it this time. Ill take a fact thank you. Nexus. An OS without the stain of a company that couldnt come up with a popular OS on its own.
  • First its all ready rootable. Second if like xoom volume up power button is a battery pull. Third this phone has more memory then nexusfourth it will get ics faster then most bet it and bionic will see it in Dec. Fifth this phone is light and then then rehashed galaxys2 aka nexus. Sixth this a Droid no Bing and more marketing then nexus .
  • English what?
  • Did you really claim that one reason the razr is better than the g nexus is more marketing?? I'm sorry I can't take any of your other points seriously when you believe that one phone is better than the other because it has more TV commercials and magazine ads. You should just buy an iphone. You'll love it. They advertise the hell out of that phone.
  • Yeah good luck thinking it will get ics that fast. Also it doesn't have more memory than the nexus the nexus has 16/32 which the razr has 16. Maybe next time try and make comprehend able sentences so people can understand what you try and get across.
  • I'm pretty sure that GPS and call quality will be better on this phone than any samsung phone even the new nexus. My wife's fascinate has a hard time with GPS, even rooted and running a custom rom, while my DROIDX locks in within a few seconds. The only downside is the non removable battery.
  • The Droid RAZR will ship with a locked bootloader.
  • Its pretty ignorant to blindly say the nexus gps wont work good because your wife has a 2 year old fascinate. The nexus has a barometer built in to measure altitude alongwith lat/lon. It is nothing like a fasinate and will probably lock gps pretty fast.
  • Barometric pressure readings for altitude are dependent upon you calibrating it. You actually will get more accurate altitude readings if you can lock onto four or more GPS sats, which is pretty easy to do in most locations. But I will agree, can't condemn the new Nexus just because the fascinate was a POS in regard to phone (radio) and GPS.
  • This will be a great phone for many people and a strong seller for Verizon, however its not the phone for the majority of the tweaker types on here. Locked bootloader, locked battery cover, and likely the most bloatware of any manufacturer/carrier combo puts this about as far from the Nexus as you can get. Again, it looks cool and should be solid hardware, and will have a lot of appeal to the mainstream. But I doubt it'll hold much lasting interest to communities like this, unless Moto has a surprise for us.
  • I think this is a very nice phone but would like to see reasons for this or the Nexus without some of the childish D-baggery. I like the rmovable battery of the Nexus and the new Camera personally, along with the screen that seems to be Samsung's best yet. Why would you choose one or the other (without "flaming" the one you would NOT get)?
  • I'm at a crossroads between this device and the G-Nex as far as a worthy replacement for my aging OGD.
    The G-Nex has everything that I like and more, but the killer is the lack of expandable memory... whereas the Razr is a beast in its own right, but the non removable battery and locked bootloader (which I know developers will eventually find a way around), as well as the possible glitches of the camera and Blur... I just don't know. I'll have to get the two devices side by side in order to make a proper decision I guess.
  • My sentiments OG Droid is slowing to a crawl, but I passed on the Bionic waiting for something better. These two phones have me licking my chops, but I'll have to play with them in the store side by side before making a decision. At least now I know I'll have a new phone before Thanksgiving!
  • I'm sure the phone will be fine, but it sure is an ugly beast.
  • Its not an htc.
  • This would be a nice addition to sprints line up :( well looks like I'm getting the gs2 when the time comes. But watch there will be an even better device once I get to upgrade lol
  • I think Motorola is going about marketing this all wrong. What they should have done is followed Samsung's idea and offered the Razr as a series (a la the Galaxy S) with a range of models unique to the different carriers. It would have expanded their profile dramatically, and they could have come up with names like the Droid Kitana or the Droid Scimitar. Just saying.