Motorola Droid Maxx

Verizon has been pushing its three-tiered Droid strategy for a couple generations now, and the highest-end phone of the group has always sported a gigantic battery. The case is no different with the latest roundup of Droids — the Droid Mini, Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx — where the $299 on-contract Maxx has a substantially larger battery than the other two.

At 3500mAh it is over 64 percent more capacity than the Droid Ultra and 75 percent more than the Mini, while still fitting into a casing that is only 8.5mm thick. While Motorola claims an already high (but higher than we've experienced) 28 hours of "mixed usage" on the Droid Ultra, it claims an absurd 48 hours on the Maxx variant.

Throughout our time with the Droid Maxx, however, we found you can actually push closer to that 48 hour claim than you may think.

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Droid Maxx battery lifeWe consider ourselves pretty "regular" users when it comes to our app and service usage on smart phones, and we certainly don't go out of our way to prolong battery life outside of turning off the screen when we're not using it. With the same regular usage that gave us somewhere in the realm of 15-18 hours of battery out of the Droid Ultra (maybe over 20 if we had a really long day), we were able to push the Droid Maxx to about 40 hours of usage.

Now it should be said that in order to test how long the battery would last the Droid Maxx sat idle, simply pulling down updates and email with the screen off, while we slept for about 8 hours over night. That alone is going to bump up the total number of hours of use we are showing here. But that being said, it helps us further our explanation of how great battery life is on this handset — you can easily use the Droid Maxx from when you wake up in the morning until you go to bed the next night without charging it in between.

Droid Maxx battery lifeAs our own Phil Nickinson is one to remind us, why not just plug your phone in at night? Well most of us will plug it in, or drop the Droid Maxx on a Qi charging pad, but even those who are diligent about charging their phone every night can still see value in the battery life here. There's something extremely liberating about carrying a phone that you are 100 percent not at all worried about dying, no matter what you use the phone for.

Watch a 2-hour movie from Google Play in the middle of the day? Hotspot for your computer and tablet for a couple hours? Take dozens of photos and videos? It literally does not matter what you do, the battery just doesn't die on this device.

Better yet, aside from a larger battery the Droid Maxx has more storage (32GB) and wireless charging when compared to the Droid Ultra, but is identical to it in every other way. You're getting the same great software experience and performance as the slightly more svelte sibling, with all of Motorola's newest features and a battery that will stand up to you using them for hours on end every day.

Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra

When you add up all of the improvements, its hard not to recommend spending the extra $100 on the Maxx over the Ultra. If you're a power user, traveler or just want a phone you never have to worry about the battery on, the Droid Maxx really is the phone to look at.