2015 Moto 360

Arguably the most talked about Android Wear watch of the first generation, the Moto 360 has been more in need of a refresh than most. Despite not being a totally circular watch, the original Moto 360 turned heads with it's nearly bezel-less design and clean, simple design. We've seen plenty of teases and leaks for the next version of the Moto 360, and today that product line becomes reality.

Motorola has announced not one, but four new Moto 360 watches today. The 46mm Moto 360, 42mm Mens Moto 360, 42mm Womens Moto 360, and a rubberized Moto 360 Sport have joined the wearable lineup today, most of which are now available for pre-order.

2015 Moto 360

The 2015 Moto 360 lineup is an upgrade in every way over the original. A refreshed case design adds lugs to the outside instead of the internal strap connector, making it significantly easier to swap straps when you're in the mood for something else. Motorola's "display shelf" design on the screen remains, and like its predecessor the Moto 360 has opted for features like auto-brightness over a perfectly circular display. The single button on the outside of the watch has also moved, and is now easier to reach without covering the watch with your hand.

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Under the Gorilla Glass 3 display cover, Motorola has shifted from their own processor to the 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400 processor with 512MB of RAM and 4gb of internal storage, making it functionally similar to most of the other Android Wear watches currently available. With a 400 mAh battery on the 46mm version and 300 mAh in the two smaller non-sport variants, Motorola is promising a full day of mixed use with its always-on LCD display and double that if you turn off ambient mode.

Moto 360 Sport

The Moto 360 Sport is another matter entirely, one that Motorola isn't quite ready to show off yet. This version of the Moto 360 doesn't include a mechanism for replaceable straps, opting instead for a silicone strap that wraps around the entire casing and an ip67 rating for water and dust. Motorola will be baking GPS into this model, as well as making it possible to listen to more music straight from the watch so you can use it without your phone. Key to this design is a hybrid reflective display Motorola is calling AnyLight, which will function noticeably better in direct sunlight.

A big part of this new Moto 360 lineup is Moto Maker, where you can customize the parts that make up the outside of your watch. Casing, bezel design, strap size and purpose, and included watchfaces are all a part of this customization, including unique options for the smaller Womens Edition Moto 360. While the watch will be available to purchase off the shelf if you prefer, the options in Moto Maker are compelling enough to warrant a closer look.

Motorola is making the three non-sport versions of the Moto 360 available for pre-order today on the Google Store and Motorola.com, with prices ranging from $299 to $429, with in-store availability at Best Buy, Verizon Wireless, and Nordstrom starting later this month. Moto 360 Sport details are expected to be available later this year.

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Moto 360 (2015)


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